Be Smarter about the Way You Eat Carbs ...


Be Smarter  about the Way You Eat Carbs ...
Be Smarter  about the Way You Eat Carbs ...

Too many people are scared of carbs – especially those who are trying to lose weight. It’s true that many carbohydrate-rich foods are high in calories BUT your body needs carbs. Cutting out carbs in the short term is ok for weight loss but carbs should be part of a healthy, balanced diet. It’s all about being smart when you eat carbs.

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Don’t Give Them up

Don’t Give Them up It’s important to remember that giving up carbs all together is not the best option for your body. They are vital; you just need to learn how to be smart about them.


Eat Less Processed Foods

Eat Less Processed Foods You can eat carbs the smart way by choosing fewer processed foods. Match carb foods with fiber, fat and protein for a balanced meal with a healthy Gi.


Eat Avocado

Eat Avocado Avocado is the perfect food for the right balance, full of healthy fats and very high in carbohydrates without being unhealthy.


Drink Tomato Juice

Drink Tomato Juice Tomato juice is something simple and easy to have with your evening meal that will also help to reduce your body’s glycemic load, balancing out your carb intake. Alternatively, lemon juice is also great.


Eat Oatmeal

Eat Oatmeal Oatmeal is definitely your friend, especially slow cooked oatmeal. Compared to quick oats, the slow cooked variety offer far more fiber, which is essential for a healthy diet.


Complement with Protein

Complement with Protein If you want to have a sweet piece of cake or pie, make sure to have a little protein to accompany it; something like cottage cheese of peanut butter is perfect.


Lightly Steam Your Veggies

Lightly Steam Your Veggies Only lightly steaming your vegetables rather than making them super soft is great way to get them to keep the best of their healthy fiber content.


Go for Firm Fruits

Go for Firm Fruits The firmer a piece of fruit is, the less likely it is to have a lot of naturally occurring sugar. Always opt for fruit that isn’t overly ripe, that will be the healthiest choice.


Sashimi All the Way

Sashimi All the Way If you’re out for some Japanese food, always opt for sashimi over other dishes, as the dish will help you to avoid the starchy carbohydrate that is white rice!


Ditch a Sandwich

Ditch a Sandwich Instead of a bread heavy sandwich, go for a tasty filling salad containing ingredients like salmon, tuna or egg. Very carb light! Or join the growing band of women who use lettuce as their bread for a sandwich.


Consider Your Pizza Crust

Consider Your Pizza Crust When it comes to pizza crust, opt for a thinner, whole-wheat option instead of think white flour crust. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a cauliflower base!


Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup Go for a legume or lentil based soup rather than a potato based option, because lentils and legumes have a much higher fiber content overall.


Apple and Almond Butter

Apple and Almond Butter A wonderful snack to have is an apple with a tablespoon of almond butter. It’s a tasty bite with great fiber, protein and fat content.


Get Breakfast Right

Get Breakfast Right Have a bowl of cereal AND a boiled egg to increase your protein levels and slow down the release of sugar in to your bloodstream through the day.



Berries Berries are your best friend. Choose a selection of berries instead of fruits like pineapple and banana as they are much lower in sugar and have great antioxidant properties.


Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate It might be an acquired taste, but dark chocolate is full of great antioxidants just like the berries. Choose it over milk or white chocolate whenever you can.


Listen to Your Body

Listen to Your Body Ultimately, you need to listen to your body and react to what it is telling you. Some people more or less carbs than others, so make sure you look after yourself whatever changes you decide to make.

Carbs should not be seen as something to restrict. They are nourishing and comforting. Like I said, it’s all about eating them smart.

Do you restrict your carbs?

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Nope. There are plenty of healthy carbs.

yeah I agree - We should eat carbs more smartly..

And almost everything has carbs so their not bad

I love lentil soup. So good. It's really good for you too. Your are so right.

Is quinoa a carb?

i hope this convinces more people that carbs aren't bad for you if you are smart about eating them.

Ah, is there are sensible way to eat carb?

Yes, restrict carbs, it causes a fatty liver, and this leads to a a bulging tummy

People really should stop seeing carbs as being bad.

Thus article is very untrue and and it is very unhealthy to not eat carbs

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