10 Wonderfully Delicious Fruits with Least Calories ...


10 Wonderfully Delicious Fruits with Least Calories ...
10 Wonderfully Delicious Fruits with Least Calories ...

If you're trying to lose weight, then you already know how between-meals snacks can ruin your plans... unless, of course, you're enjoying a delicious, filling low-calorie fruit! There are so many to choose from, each loaded with vitamins, fiber, and yes, even the sugars you need to keep going, and keep fit! Here are 10 low-calorie fruits to choose from, or mix together... yum!

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An Apple

An Apple An apple a day keeps the doctor away... and they're really low in calories, too! One crisp, juicy apple, loaded with all sorts of healthy vitamins, has only 72 calories, and since it also has a little fiber in it, you'll feel full after you eat one.



Banana Bananas are possibly the most perfect food, so gentle on your digestive system that they're included in the mild diet for those with the flu — and they contain potassium, too. Slice one and add it to your morning cereal, or grab one and eat it at your desk... they're an ideal part of your breakfast, or a mid-morning snack, and a medium-sized banana only has 105 calories.



Blueberries I love blueberries, and an entire cupful only has 83 calories. This may be the perfect summer snack! They're really tasty in yoghurt, or just eaten by the handful.



Grapes Grapes are delicious and sweet and loaded with so many nutrients, and a cupful only contains 100 calories. Here's an interesting fact, too. A tiny box of raisins will contain as many calories as the cupful of grapes. Who knew? The grapes are certainly a much better, more filling snack option!



Strawberries Here's another tasty sweet berry, one that's sure to be a favorite all summer long — strawberries! One cup has less than 60 calories. How many strawberries can fit into one cup? About six big ones, or eight medium-sized ones. That's a pretty good-sized snack!



Apricot Is there anything sweeter and more delicious than a ripe, juicy apricot? One cupful contains only 34 calories, making apricots one of the low-cal hero fruits. Be careful with apricots, though — too many will give you tummy troubles!



Watermelon As the name implies, watermelon is made mostly of water, making it an excellent low-cal fruit snack option. One cup of diced watermelon has only 46 calories... wow!



Cherries Whether you prefer sweet or sour, cherries are another marvelous low-calorie fruit you should try! One cup, about 10 cherries, only contains 43 calories.



Grapefruit Not that I could even fathom eating an entire white grapefruit, but now I know why they're such a diet staple: one half only has 39 calories! Add a sprinkle of sugar and you'll add a few more, but still, a grapefruit is a dieter's friend for sure!



Starfruit In all of my research, I have never found a low-calorie fruit that's THIS low-cal: one cup of starfruit (or carambola) only contains 32 calories. Amazing!

With so many luscious low-calories fruits to chose from, or blend together, there's no excuse for between-meals snacking that sabotages your diet! I especially love the starfruit and cherries and bananas... which of these low-calorie fruits is your favorite? Do tell!

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First off, I wanna say I love this website, I love reading everything on it. However, I don't really agree with this post. Yes, fruit is healthier than other foods, but bananas is one of the fruits with most calories+carbohydrates and is therefore often suggested to be eaten before workouts. Same with blueberries, grapes and apples. Frankly, I'm surprised there was no mentioning about raspberries, pineapple or cantaloupe. Raspberries are a great source of antioxidants, are low in calorie and are absolutely delicious. Pineapple is high in sugar, yes, but is suppose to help and relieve bloating. Cantaloupe is low in calorie, delicious and different. Anyways, love the site, just wanted to give my input.

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