10 Interesting Fruit Facts to Know ...


10 Interesting Fruit Facts to Know ...
10 Interesting Fruit Facts to Know ...

I love obscure facts of all kinds, which is why I was so tickled when I first saw the random interesting Fruit Facts in the game Fruit Ninja. If you've played the game, chances are you've seen a few of these. If not, keep reading! Here are 10 interesting fruit facts to know.

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Did you know that the expression “you're a peach” comes from a tradition of giving a peach to someone you like? How sweet! I think we should bring this back as a Valentine's Day tradition... why not? If you don't like the fizz, opt for a fuzz-less peach, otherwise known as a nectarine.



Blueberries are a wonder fruit. They contain more antioxidants than nearly any other fruit or vegetable, and they're delicious! But did you know that once they're picked, they won't ripen?


Citrus Fruits

Scientific studies have shown that smelling or eating an orange will improve your mood... did you know it'll also improve your digestion? That's because citrus fruits, including oranges, have loads of fiber in them!



They're not really a berry at all! They actually belong to the same family as roses... and long ago, they were considered medicinal. Regardless of their history, they're incredibly nutritious, loaded with Vitamin C and potassium.



Did you know that banana plants (technically not “trees”) are best grown near buildings, or asphalt, for their heat? And while most of us call a cluster of bananas a “bunch,” they're also known as “hands”?



Here's a good reason to indulge in a little guacamole once in a while: the oils in avocados have been shown to reduce cholesterol.



Much like bananas, people assume pineapples grown on trees, but these tasty tropical treats grow on a sort of shrub, close to the ground! It's also really difficult to tell when a pineapple is ripe and ready to be picked... I didn't know that!



The name of the pumpkin is the Greek word for large melon, and they're actually a fruit. Maybe that's why they bake so well into pies, like cherries and apples?



Also a member of the same family as the rose, did you know that there are more than 7,000 varieties of apples in the world? Here in the States only a few varieties are commercially grown... I wonder what some of the other ones taste like?



Before canteens were invented, travelers and explorers would carry watermelons to keep hydrated. Wow, watermelons are heavy! And they don't fit easily into your handbag, either... I'm so glad reusable water bottles were invented...

Now that you've read all these fruit facts, if you're ever on Jeopardy, you'll rock the Fruits category for sure! Which of these fruit facts do you think is the most interesting? Or do you have another interesting fruit facts to share?

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