9 Funny Ways Diets Are like Dating ...


9 Funny Ways Diets Are like Dating ...
9 Funny Ways Diets Are like Dating ...

The more I listened to my friends talk about dieting, the more I realized diets are like dating. If you really think about it, diets are just as frustrating and wonderful as dating. Both are difficult, but they could both turn out great in the end. Take a look at the past few diets you did and dates you went on. It's really hard not to see how much alike the two are.

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It Won't Always Work out

It Won't Always Work out The moment you start a new diet or go on a first date, you're excited. You're sure it's going to work out perfectly. It doesn't take long before you're cheating on your diet because you're starving or mister right turns out to be mister anything but right. It's disappointing, but it takes a while to find the right diet or right guy. If for no other reason, this makes dating and dieting just alike.


You Get New Clothes

You Get New Clothes When you actually stick to a diet, you get to buy a bunch of new clothes to fit your new figure. Don't you usually buy a new outfit when you just dating someone new? I never realized how many new clothes you buy strictly for dating and dieting. Look in your closet and I guarantee you can pick out exactly which clothes you bought for each occasion. It's getting harder to deny the similarities, isn't it?


You Hate Both

You Hate Both At some point, you end up hating both dieting and dating. After trying every fad diet out there without success, you just want to throw you hands up and quit. The same goes with a string of failed dates. The next thing you know, you're swearing off dating and dieting. Of course, that all changes a week later when you discover a great new diet or sexy new guy at the coffee shop.


Everyone Knows More than You

Start a diet or go on a date and suddenly everyone knows more than you do. I actually refuse to tell all but one friend when I go on a date. I never tell anyone when I'm dieting. Why? I hate the onslaught of advice I get. I'm an adult. I know how to date. I know how to diet. Try talking to friends and family about your diet or dates and you'll see just how similar the two are.


You Know when It's Right

You Know when It's Right I know it sounds corny, but sometimes you just know when something's right. A few weeks into a new diet and you just know it's going to work out perfectly. The same goes when you finally meet the one. Both dieting and dating give you that a-ha moment when everything falls into place and all the ups and downs are suddenly worth it. This is when you get to breathe a sigh of relief and just enjoy yourself.


You'll Rebound

You'll Rebound When you and diet don't get along, you tend to rebound and go back to all your bad eating habits. It's kind of like you're showing the diet you can do what you want. Ever notice the same thing happens after dating someone for several months? You suddenly date the first hot guy you find just to prove you're over the other one. Rebounds aren't exactly good, but they can be fun while they last.


They Take Work

They Take Work You can't date or diet without putting in a little work. After all, you have to come up with conversation and date ideas to really get to know someone new. With dieting, you have to make changes in your life and have the will power to stick to the diet. It's one of the main reasons we tend to fail so often at both. No one's eager to put in the hard work.


They Make You Impatient

They Make You Impatient The first date went great and now you can't stop checking your phone to see if he's texted or called yet. You haven't even finished the first week of your diet, yet you're jumping on the scale to see how much weight you've lost. Whether you're dating or dieting, both make you highly impatient. You expect instant results overnight, sometimes even sooner. Both take a little time and a lot of patience.


You Beat Yourself up

You Beat Yourself up Nothing makes you second guess yourself and beat yourself up more than dating and dieting. The two are so similar it's scary. So what if you ate half a cake one night? So what if you burped so loud it blew his hair back? Things aren't always going to go perfectly. Accept it and move on. You continue dieting tomorrow. You find a guy who loves all your imperfections. Quit beating yourself up and just have fun.

Now you see why I say diets are like dating. You might not think either one is fun at first, but the end result might just be worth it. What other reasons do you think dieting and dating are alike?

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Haha did you really have to add all the cupcakes and ice cream cones lol one way to tease your diet

Just want to say this article is hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh! I love it 👍!!

So true! I like this article! :)

Ha ha brilliant funny but so true :)

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