What do Diet Pills Actually do to Your Body?

Are you ever tempted to take diet pills? You might see them as a quick-fix solution to wanting to lose weight for a special occasion, or if you haven't had much success with diets in the past. But diet pills are not advisable, and may even be dangerous. This is what diet pills can do to your body, and why you shouldn't take them …

1. Dangerous

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The number one reason why you shouldn't take diet pills is that they could cause permanent damage to your body. Some brands have been linked with liver damage and even deaths. You could also end up with kidney problems. Don't risk suffering serious health issues by taking pills that haven't been prescribed.

2. Digestive Problems

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Diet pills may also give you some pretty unpleasant digestive problems. You could end up rushing to the bathroom frequently or suffering bleeding, because the pills are designed to remove fats by making you go to the bathroom more. You can also get cramps and gas, which could be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

3. Side Effects

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There are other unpleasant side effects with diet pills. They may cause you to develop an irregular heartbeat, headaches or insomnia. It's not worth putting yourself through such side effects by taking an unregulated drug. You won't suffer these problems if you lose weight the sensible way by eating a healthy diet and exercising.

4. What's in It?

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If you buy pills over the internet, you are taking enormous risks. You don't know for sure what's in them, and could be taking dangerous or banned substances. They may have unsafe quantities of a drug, or contain substances that are not listed on the label. It's just not worth taking risks to your health just because you want to lose some weight. There are healthier ways.

5. Heart Problems

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As well as an irregular heartbeat, taking diet pills risks far more serious problems with your heart. You could end up with high blood pressure, which can cause heart problems. There is even an increased risk of having a stroke or a heart attack. That's not something that younger people are normally at risk of. Don't take the chance of it happening to you.

6. Mental Health

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There are also risks to your mental health if you take diet pills. For example, the FDA have banned products containing the Chinese herb ephedra, which can have a serious effect on both physical and mental health. Pills may contain ingredients that put users at a higher risk of depression.

7. Quick Fix

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Even if they worked, diet pills are a quick-fix solution to a problem that may have taken years to build up. It won't do anything to address why you put on weight in the first place. You won't learn to improve your diet and eating habits, or deal with any psychological issues that make you overeat.

There are very few drugs licensed for weight loss, and these are only sold under prescription. So never be tempted to use diet pills that you buy over the counter, and especially not any sold over the internet. At best they'll be uncomfortable, at worst dangerous. Talk to your doctor for advice on if you really need to lose weight, and embark on a sensible weight loss program. Have you ever tried any fad diets?

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