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The words “exciting” and “diet” don’t usually coexist well in the same sentence, but this is clearly an exception, a super-helpful one. That’s right, dieting skeptics: this is all about exciting diet milestones to look forward to, and while none of them induce goosebumps, a few of them might induce a hearty HOORAY! Here are 7 exciting (yes, EXCITING) diet milestones, little things to celebrate as you continue on your weight loss journey… let’s go!

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The Kick-off

This diet milestone is unique in that it occurs so early on in the journey — right at the beginning! The reason it’s such an exciting milestone is because so few of us make it past the point of saying we need to diet… we almost never make it to the actual kick-off of the diet, day one, the first day of turning things around… so it’s definitely an important diet milestone to celebrate! You got to the starting line, which is a lot farther than most people.


The First Successful Weigh in

It may take two weeks or a month, but you’ll reach your next diet milestone sooner than you think — your first successful “I lost a few pounds!” weigh in! Why won’t you see results sooner? Because if you’re dieting and exercising together to lose weight (and you should be doing both together!), you’ll start losing fat and building lean muscle, which weighs a little more than fat… so while the scale won’t show it, you’re actually making a lot of behind-the-scenes progress. Your first weekly weigh-in that shows a drop will mean you’ve made a LOT of very real, very important progress, more than that little number shows! Way to go!


The New Habit

After about 6 weeks, you’ll notice something shocking: it’s not difficult to get up and get to the gym. It’s not hard to choose the right foods at the grocery store. You have no problem resisting cheesecake after dinner. What’s going on? It’s another diet milestone. You’ve formed a set of healthy new habits, and they’re sticking, becoming natural, not a struggle. Hooray!


The Notch in Your Belt

I will never forget the first time I had to make a hole in my belt. My jeans were too big, sure, but that was what the belt was for… but then, the belt got too big, and I had to poke a hole in my belt to hold my pants up. Guess what I did after work that day? I went out and bought new jeans, two sizes smaller than my old jeans! You’ll get to this diet milestone too… the time when your clothes just don’t fit. It’s so eye-opening! You’ve made such real progress!


Half-way There!

Whether you’re planning to lose 20 pounds or 100 pounds, the day you weigh yourself and realize you’re half-way to your goal is earth-shattering. Step off the scale and do the happy dance… which is indeed the perfect way to celebrate this diet milestone… the happy dance, and maybe a new pair of pumps…

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The Plateau

This diet milestone can be so frustrating, so why is it something to celebrate? Because it means your body is readjusting to its new fit form. After three weeks of stepping on the scale and seeing no losses, or even a slight gain, you might be ready to throw in the towel… but don’t! amp up your workout a little, and you’ll see the numbers start to decrease again. Be patient… you’re getting there!


The Final Five!

You’ve been dieting forever now. The habits have formed and stuck. You’ve moved past the plateau and you’re almost there… you only have five measly pounds to lose before you reach your goal. This is the time to start planning your End of Diet Party, perhaps writing an inspirational speech to post on your blog… or maybe just saving your pennies for a shopping trip to buy clothes that actually FIT! This is my very favorite diet milestone… you’re almost there!

See? Aren’t all of these diet milestones amazing, something you’ll look forward to as you get your diet going? Which of these milestones are you at or near, and how will you celebrate? Or do you have another exciting, pulse-pounding diet milestone to share?

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