25 Ways to Burn 100 Calories Easily ...


25 Ways to Burn 100 Calories Easily ...
25 Ways to Burn 100 Calories Easily ...

Why burn 100 calories you ask? Sometimes, a small step means the start of great things (didn’t some guy called Neil Armstrong say something like that?). Deciding to burn 100 calories is the main gateway to your health and fitness goals because it could either mean the difference between putting on weight and losing weight, or even kick starting that next push towards a great body. And isn’t it a boost to know that you’ve found ways to burn 100 calories anywhere, any time, any place? There are many ways to burn 100 calories, but take note that they may not all be for you. A good mix has been included here so that you are able to match any tip to any situation in order to earn that body that you deserve. Check out these 25 ways to burn 100 calories easily – and have fun!

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Run a Quarter-mile

If the bus or the local shop is a quarter-mile away, then consider running instead of driving to get the milk. Just a quarter-mile of running, which should take roughly four minutes, can burn 100 calories. It’s also a great way to gear you up for longer distances and better weight loss in the future.


Stationary Bike

A variation of running a mile can be biking on a stationary bike (exercise cycle) at 20mph for about five minutes. Again, it’s a wonderful way of building up to a comprehensive fitness regime in the future.


Jump Rope

Jumping rope for ten minutes can use up 100 calories. The best thing is that it can be done anywhere, so don’t let the cold weather keep you from transforming your body for the better.



Wear 20 pounds worth of backpack and experience the great outdoors for 10 minutes. It’s even a good way to get the family fit and involved!



Toddle on down to your local swimming pool and swim a few laps of your favored stoke for about 10 minutes. That’s another 100 calories down the drain right there!



Bowl 10 frames and you can burn 100 calories whilst you try to earn 300. Again, taking the family can make a memorable day out. Who said exercise can’t be fun?



Get that annoying job of cleaning out the guttering yourself, because you know for sure that your husband is never going to get around to it. Just 16 minutes of cleaning the guttering can burn 100 calories. (all that up and down ladders and stretching is what does it).


Autumn Cleaning

Raking the leaves from your back yard can lead to you starting your fitness regime with oen of the easy and practical ways to burn 100 calories. If you run out of leaves then why not offer to rake your neighbor’s yard too?


Mow the Lawn

Mowing the lawn is something you might not think could burn up 100 calories, but it can. As long as you use a push-mower then you can get the exercise you need to get rid of some of that fat.


Car Wash

Another job that never seems to get done is the car. A mere 18 minutes of car washing can waste some more of troublesome calories and make your car squeaky clean at the same time.


Winter Variation

Raking leaves might be out of the equation during the cold winter months. It’s good news, because if there’s snow, then you have an even better exercise program, as 12 minutes of shoveling = 100 calories.


Time for a Change

Confuse your husband by changing the lounge into the area that you want. Moving the couch and other heavy furniture for 13 minutes can burn 100 calories.


Walking the Dog

Just walking the dog for 23 minutes at a normal pace is a great complement to any fitness regime as it can give you a work-out partner to help you through the tough times. What dog doesn’t love a 5am run through the neighborhood?


Another Cleaning

Consider cleaning out the house of all the rubbish that’s permeated all the corners, cupboards and deep depths of closets. Eight bags of worthless trash can give you the hauling power you need to eliminate 100 calories in one session.


Go Green

Brighten up your boring and barren garden by buying two new trees from the garden center and planting them. Now you can make your garden that little bit more environmentally friendly whilst keeping fit.


Ride Don’t Glide

Stop gliding to work in your motorized vehicle and polish off that bike instead. 21 minutes at a leisurely pace can let you get rid of 100 calories and you’re being environmentally friendly too.


Good Volunteer

Help out your local community and make the world a better place by volunteering to pick up some trash along the side of the highway. 19 and a half minutes of doing this at a casual pace can let you burn those calories. You might even make some good volunteering friends on the way!


Can Crusher

Crushing cans for your neighbors and taking them to the recycling plant can give you the chance to eliminate 100 calories. Although, you might want to take this option for the good feeling, instead, as it will take 623 cans to lose those calories.


String up the Lights…

With Christmas coming in just a few months consider putting them up and you can burn 100 calories. If you are feeling generous then offering to do this for elderly residents can be a way to get into the holiday spirit. If anybody is investing in lights for Thanksgiving then this little exercise snippet can also apply.


…and Light up the Tree

Just like with the lights, put up your Christmas tree and watch those calories just drop off. Add to your fitness regime and consider doing it for others, or just have more than one tree in the house. Who doesn’t want a tree in their bedroom?



Whether shopping for a holiday or just because you have nothing better to do walking through the mall for 19 minutes from shop to shop can give you the chance to click away additional calories.


Gift Wrapped

Get a gift wrapped weight loss boost by wrapping 21 different presents for friends and family. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to give a gift!


Walking the Child

If you’ve been blessed with a new addition to your family, then take a trip around your neighborhood with your child in a stroller. A 23-minute walkabout can get rid of 100 calories for you – it certainly won’t do that post-baby tummy any harm.



Write something or just get rid of some of that nagging office work and get typing on your PC for 48 minutes. It’s hard to believe but it really does burn that many calories in that amount of time.


Dance It off

Dancing is a great way to keep fit, but it doesn’t have to be vigorous jiggling about. Did you know that 7 slow dances (25-30 minutes worth) will burn up 100 calories?

Everybody wants to burn 100 calories to get themselves into the weight loss groove. And, you don’t always have to think about going to the gym or planning a specific exercise sessions to burn 100 calories. Have fun with some of these tips and you can burn 100 off calories, and even more if you really work at it.

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The average mile time is not 5 to 7 minutes for anyone unless you are in your teens or early twenties and actually run often or are already in good shape. The average time to run a mile is 7 to 10 minutes. This depends on the person's physical condition, their weight and if they are used to running long distances. You really need to check out your facts before you post something like that.

Running a mile will take 5 minutes? Maybe if you run track, but not for the average person....

im going to try it hope it works

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