The Only 7️⃣ Tips You Need to Help 🚫 Cut Back on Sugar 🍰🍫🍭 ...


Sugar is bad, bad, bad. OK, it’s fine to enjoy a bit here and there, but for the most part, you should really be limiting how much you get on a daily basis. In fact, the American Heart Association tells women to limit their added sugar intake to about 4 teaspoons per day. Just to put things in perspective, there’s more than that in a single can of soda. Too much sugar can lead to insulin resistance and weight gain. Cutting back is hard, but it will be so worth the effort. You’ll feel better and look better since too much of the sweet stuff can also accelerate the signs of aging. Here’s how to cut back right now.

1. Start Reading All the Food Labels when You Shop

The single best way to get a handle on your sugar intake is to read the labels for anything you buy. You might be surprised to see what has sugar added to it. I’m talking pasta sauce, salad dressing and even bread. By getting a handle on what foods you can eliminate or limit, you can cut your sugar intake pretty easily.

Reach for Water Instead of Anything else to Drink
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