The 7 Habits of Healthy Eaters That You Need to Know ...


Have you ever thought that you’d love to observe healthy eaters and see what their habits are? Well, here’s the inside look you’ve been waiting for. You can see how they’re so naturally thin and what habits keep them that way. Let their healthy habits give you the inspiration you need.

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They Eat when They’re Hungry and Stop when They’re Full

Healthy eaters don’t overeat. They eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full. They aren’t the type to overindulge just because something tastes good. They’re very in tune with their body’s hunger and fullness signals. With a bit of practice, you can form this habit, too.


They Always Have a Bottle of Water Nearby

Healthy eaters are also healthy drinkers. They generally have a bottle of water close at hand. That doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy other beverages. They do, but they drink them in addition to their daily water intake, not in place of it. Drinking enough water is an important step to being healthy.


They Have a Fruit Bowl in Place of a Candy Dish

You won’t see candy dishes on the desks or counters of healthy eaters. They know that’s a visual temptation and that you can easily nibble your way into trouble. Instead, you’ll see healthy snacks in sight, such a fruit bowl filled with a variety of choices. Fruit can actually help with candy cravings, too. It’s a way to enjoy a sweet treat that doesn’t hurt your waistline.


They Aren’t Afraid of the V-word, Vegetables

Healthy eaters eat their veggies. More than that, they like them. Now, I’ll be honest with you. I don’t love vegetables nearly as much as I do brownies, Oreos or coffee ice cream. But I’ve found that there are a lot of recipes for both salad and cooked veggies that make them more flavorful. I’ve actually come to enjoy my daily salad for lunch.


They Leave Junk Food on the Shelf

Healthy eaters don’t stock their cabinets with junk food. They may enjoy a single size serving of chips or a candy bar from time to time but it doesn’t come into their home in mass quantities. They choose to stock their pantry and fridge with healthy choices. They know that if junk food is in the house, they’re going to eat it. This is a strategy we can all follow to have a healthier diet.


They Make a List before They Go to the Grocery Store

Healthy eaters plan their grocery shopping. Most don’t go without a list. They know that it’s too easy to fall prey to treats if they don’t have a list to keep them on track. They fight off the temptation of impulse buys. Sticking to a list helps you to only bring healthy items home. Try it and see what a difference it makes.


They Give in to Their Cravings

Are you surprised by this one? It’s true; healthy eaters know that it’s okay to indulge on occasion. They may order the tiramisu after dinner or go out for their favorite ice cream on a Saturday afternoon. Occasional treats are okay. In fact, they can even help you to stay on course with healthy eating. Denying yourself every pleasurable food sets you up for falling off your healthy eating plan permanently.

These are 7 habits of healthy eaters that you can learn from. If you have any advice, I’d love for you to share it. It’s great when we can learn from each other!

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I guess I can count myself as s healthy eater. Lol. This article is bang on

I'm trying to eat healthy. I'm going to start with the water and move on up.

Yaaa think mel

I count myself as a healthy eater but I should drink more water

Definitely helps!


I'm a pretty healthy eater, but I don't make grocery lists. Something to try!


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