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So much diet advice tells us to eat organic and unprocessed where we can but it’s said like it’s one, dead easy, and two, cheap. As good as organic and unprocessed food is, clean eating is not endemically easy, nor cheap. You can however, eat clean on a budget when you know how.

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Make a List Every Time You Go Grocery Shopping

The most important thing to know how to eat clean on a budget is to make a list first and stick to it all the time. Take some time to make your list before you go to the grocery store. And stick to the list. Your list of 'clean' stuff will help keep you on track and focused throughout the week.


Ignore the Temptations of Sale Items and Bargain Bins

Most of the time, the items with special discounts will be processed, sugary stuff. You really don't want to spoil your program of eating healthy just to save some money. So, be sure to shop the perimeter and avoid being sucked in by those tempting sale items.


Avoid Junk Food

On sale or not, DO NOT buy junk food. Don't make it easy for you or anyone in your family to have access to junk food. You/they may crave it but if it’s not in the house an alternative will have to be found or the craving managed.


Introduce More Water in Your Life

Say goodbye to sugar-loaded beverages and say hello to H2O. Drink plenty of water every day. At least 8 glasses a day will keep your metabolism running and your body hydrated all the time. Buying water is still cheaper than retail beverages. Invest in a filter to save even more money.


Allow Yourself a Cheat Meal if You Must

You can have a "cheat meal" but save it for a night out or a special occasion. If you are feeling the need for cheat meal, you’ve probably not got the balance right in your diet. There are plenty of goodies you can enjoy when eating clean and remember, cheat “stuff” will cost more anyway – and you haven’t budgeted for a trip to the drive through or a sugary donut at the coffee shop.


Put Apps to Some Good Use

Download the most popular apps to the local grocery stores to keep an eye on prices, discounts, reward programs, and everything else to know when the time is right to shop for your list.


Pace Your Meals and Enjoy a Good Breakfast

Be sure to eat several times a day, at least every three hours, and start with a good breakfast to keep your metabolism running. Pack your lunch and snacks. This will save money and also help you resist temptations.


Control Your Portions

Too much of good thing may end up putting you in trouble. It means it's not enough to know what to eat, it's equally important to understand how much to eat. It is important for your health and for your pocket because eating clean and eating too much of it will definitely be an expensive proposition. Learn what a portion means. Always drink a glass of water before every meal to help understand the difference between habit and hunger.


Add More Greens to Your Diet

You cannot eat clean unless you add more healthy green veggies to your diet. Green veggies are full of nutrients and help you stay fit. Buy seasonally and buy from farmer’s markets if you can. You may even want to talk to your local farmers about some of the veggies that are easy to grow and start growing them in your own garden.


Make Your Healthy Food Visible

Keep your fridge and pantry as clean as your eating plan. Be organized and make sure all the good stuff and your cleanest and healthiest food is at the front and clearly visible.

Are you now motivated to clean up your diet?

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I would add "shop at the farmer's market". It tends to be a little bit cheaper than the grocery stores. Great list!

Water water water. Yes I get it.

Always love to shop at the farmer's market. Great suggestions! Thanks for posting this :)

I believe the farmer's market was suggested.


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