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We’ve all had that need for sugar in the midafternoon when energy tends to slump and you wonder how you’ll ever make it through the day. At the same time, you know that eating too much of the sweet stuff isn’t good for your health. It can cause insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes and sugar is loaded with calories, which can lead to weight gain. How is a girl supposed to resist the lure of Oreos and Dr. Pepper? Read on for all you need to know to beat that sugar craving once and for all.

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Stop Eating so Many Sweets

What? How is that going to help? This might surprise you, but research shows that eating sweet foods drives the craving for more of them. When you cut back on the number of sweets you eat, you’ll begin to crave them less. This isn’t easy and will take a bit of willpower, but I speak from experience when I say that it takes about a week or so for the intense need for something sweet starts to go away.


Eat a Tablespoon of Coconut Oil

Here’s something that may stop a craving instantly. According to health coach, Sara Wilson, eating a bit of coconut oil can make a sugar craving disappear. She mixes hers with a bit of raw cacao powder to give it an appealing taste. Coconut oil contains a certain type of fatty acids that your body converts to energy quickly, much like sugar. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.


Have a Piece of Fresh Fruit

Really? The last thing I want when there are brownies is an apple. However, research shows that nibbling on a piece of fruit easily satisfies a sweets craving with far fewer calories and no fat. Try berries, grapes or anything your heart desires. Go ahead and splurge on dessert now and then, but for everyday sugar cravings, beat them with fresh fruit.


Stop Eating Diet Sweets

You might feel like you’re doing something virtuous for your body by choosing sugar-free treats like diet soda or candy. However, what happens when you eat them is that your body expects sugar and when it doesn’t get what it thinks is coming, you start to crave more sweet stuff. Skip the diet foods and save your sugar splurges for the real thing.


Try a Real Meal Instead

Next time you get an intense sugar craving, Health magazine suggests making yourself a meal instead of eating the cheesecake. Not only does this give you the opportunity to fill your body with energizing foods, but you also get some vitamins and minerals at the same time. Eat something with a healthy mix of protein, carbs and fat and you may find that you don’t want the sugary junk anymore.


Keep the Sugar out of Your House and Office

It’s much easier to give in to a sugar craving if it’s right there for you to eat. Stop bringing home sugary things and you’ll be more likely to get through a sugar craving without giving in. Keep junk out of your office too and ask your co-workers not to keep their treats out where they can be shared. Having to go to the store or gas station to get your sugar fix makes it a whole lot less appealing.


Do Something to Distract Yourself

This works for any food craving, but is especially powerful for sugar. When you find yourself dying for a slice of cake or a can of Pepsi, do something else to keep your mind off the craving. Call a friend, take a walk, work on your sewing project or grab that novel you’ve been meaning to read. Whatever it takes to get your mind off the sugar!

How do you get through a sugar craving? Will you try any of these methods?

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I eat fruit whenever in craving sweets

Drink water And have fun with add your fav fruit!

Apples have always worked for me. I didn't get that idea from some article, I learned from experience. And remember you crave what you eat. I always eat fruit and veggies and two days ago I started having salad and apple cravings. It really does work I promise

I think it's so funny that this is the first article, then right under it is best pie designs.

Yes...sugar creeps in via all types of foods, even things you don't think about! Be a vigilant label reader! ❤️

Dark chocolate, just a little bite works wonderfully to starve off most cravings. It works, so try it next time:-)

Fruits work!!! Believe me, I have tried it. But for me, it has to be a sweet fruit that is watery, like grapes, watermelon..etc. Apples don't work so much for me. I have also found that citrus also helps when I have a sweet craving. And sometimes, I just have to have the Oreo!!! : (

#6 doesn't seem so realistic but the other points are good ideas

I try to cut out all visible sugar I.e in coffees,sweets,etc and now check labels when buying for everything. I definitely don't want sugar in my tin or packet soups, veg etc! After a week or so the urge to eat sugary stuff gets less and less so now am at stage when I can enjoy a small piece of fruit cake or at least no rich fancy stuff. It just tastes much too sweet.

The sugar carbs you eat, if not used, get stored as fat. It is important to watch your total carbs. The carb/protein ration is very important, especially to women as we age...

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