Stop Snacking by Using These Proven Ways to Curb Hunger ...

Do you find yourself snacking all the time? While snacks can be a part of a healthy dieting plan, too many of them will sabotage your weight loss efforts. These are some things you can do to curb hunger and stop snacking. With these tips, you’ll break the snack habit in no time.

1. Stay Hydrated

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One of the most important things you can do to curb hunger is to stay hydrated. Thirst and hunger can actually be confused in your body. You may feel hungry but in all actuality, only be thirsty. Before you reach for a snack, try drinking a glass of water and waiting twenty minutes. You may discover that what you perceived as hunger has disappeared.

2. Balance Your Protein and Carbs

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Your body needs a good balance of protein and carbs at each meal to keep you feeling full and fueled. That’s the perfect combination to fend off hunger. A breakfast example of a protein carb combo might be oatmeal with a hard boiled egg on the side. Lunch could be a tuna sandwich. A good dinner choice might be whole wheat spaghetti with meatballs.

3. Don’t Skip Meals

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Skipping meals will set you up for failure. You may feel like you’re saving calories but what you could end up doing is getting so hungry that you eat anything in sight. This could result in giving you a much higher calorie count than if you’d eaten a nutritious meal. Eating regular meals can absolutely curb hunger all day long and result in a lower calorie count. Just make sure you’re making healthy choices at each meal.

4. Distraction

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Distraction can be a powerful tool to help you curb hunger. A lot of times you may think you’re hungry when you’re not. Getting your mind off of food can really work. Get focused on a project and more than likely, you’ll forget about wanting to eat. Boredom can trick you into believing you're hungry and busyness is the best cure for that.

5. Keep Your Mouth Busy

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Sometimes you just want flavor. You think you’re hungry but if you truly think about it, you’ll realize you’re craving something instead of actually experiencing physical hunger. For those times, it’s good to keep your mouth busy. Try having some mints or gum. Even brushing your teeth can give you the hint of flavor you’re looking for until it’s time to eat again.

6. Evaluate Your Feelings

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Your feelings can be a powerful motivator to head toward the kitchen. Some people find that they eat when they’re upset or stressed. If you’ve ever turned to a tub of ice cream to make yourself feel better then this could apply to you. Before you decide to snack, think about how you’re feeling. Is anything emotional pushing you toward the kitchen? If so, decide to deal with your feelings in a healthier way.

7. Kick Artificial Sweeteners to the Curb

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It seems as if artificial sweeteners could be a good diet choice. But that’s actually negotiable. Studies have shown that artificial sweeteners can end up causing you to gain weight versus lose it. This article by can shed some light on how this may occur. Observe yourself to decide if artificial sweeteners are actually causing you to be hungry or contributing to your weight. If you feel that may be true for you, then make a change in your diet.

These are 7 ways to curb hunger and stop snacking. How do you resist the urge to snack? I’d love to hear your strategies.

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