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8 Smart Points to Remember when Choosing a Diet ...

By Alison

Choosing a diet can be a complicated and confusing business. Just look at the hundreds of diet books in every bookstore! When considering how to choose a diet, there are a lot of important points to bear in mind though. After all, it´s your health that´s concerned. It´s essential to make smart choices, and not become obsessed with just losing weight in any way possible. So here are some tips on choosing a diet …

1 Nutrition

This is perhaps the most important point to bear in mind when choosing a diet. Balanced nutrition is essential; you need to include something from all the food groups and ensure that you get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Don´t deprive your body of anything that it needs.

2 Celebrities Are Paid

Now, I know that our readers are smart, but the influence of celebrities can be very persuasive. Their weight-loss successes are marketed sometime subtly, sometimes loudly. Read how this actress lost 10lb! Doesn´t she look amazing! Remember this: she´s been paid to promote the diet she credits with her weight loss.

3 Is It Really Necessary?

Another important point when choosing a diet is to ask yourself the following question: do you really need to diet? We are bombarded with ´ideal´ images, and even very young girls absorb the message that ´thin is pretty´. Lose weight if you need to for health reasons, not to fit an ideal image that isn´t in many cases natural.

4 Cost

If you´re affluent enough, a diet plan which includes meal deliveries may be ideal, especially if you find the discipline of dieting difficult. But most people can´t afford such a service. Choose a diet that fits into your budget, and that doesn´t expect you to buy lots of expensive ingredients you can´t afford.

5 Many Don´t Work

There is one point often made about diets, and it´s a very pertinent one. If diets were that effective, there wouldn´t be so many diet books sold, because women wouldn´t have to try one after another! So bear in mind that most diets simply don´t work.

6 Health Conditions

Before embarking on a weight-loss program, always check with your doctor first. Not only can he give you advice on healthy eating, but he can also take into consideration any health problems you have. And for God´s sake, don´t diet if you´re pregnant! Stick to a healthy eating plan, but don´t worry about losing weight.

7 Boredom Factor

This point is often overlooked when considering how to choose a diet. If you pick one that is dull and uninteresting, you´ll grow bored with it very quickly. If you love desserts, then there are plenty of low-calorie dessert recipes, or you can make lower-calorie versions of your favourite dishes.

8 Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is an important factor to bear in mind when choosing a diet. If you don´t have much time or inclination to cook, avoid diets that need a lot of preparation and cooking. Also make sure that you pick one that gives you enough energy for your needs.

Choosing a diet can be difficult, but it´s worth taking your time to find the right one for you if you want to achieve your weight-loss goals. Avoid anything that promotes rapid weight loss, as that won´t work in the long term (chances are that the weight will go back on when you stop the diet). Have you any other tips on how to choose a diet that is safe, smart and effective?

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