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Eating delicious foods and suffering bloating after each meal just shouldn't be something you have to deal with. Food should be something you enjoy without having to worry about an aftermath of gas and bloating, yet for many women that's exactly what happens. Due to poor food combination choices, food intolerances, digestive disorders like IBS, hormonal changes, or a nervous stomach, there are many reasons why women suffer bloating after meals, but luckily, there are some things you can do. So, to reduce your bloating after each meal, consider some of my favorite tips that I've found to be the most helpful overall. These are quite simple, yet will reduce your bloating after each meal incredibly fast and effectively.

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Chew Slowly

Many people inhale their food, and I don’t blame them since food is so darn tasty, but one way to reduce bloating after each meal is to chew it more and inhale it less. Try to chew your food at least 15 times per bite, and even if you’re drinking a smoothie, let it swish in your mouth a bit first. This increases your saliva to activate enzymes that improve digestion and signal your stomach to start pre-digesting food, which reduces bloating.


Avoid Eating Fruit with Meat

Eating fruit with meat can cause the sugars in fruit to ferment in your gut. Meat is the hardest protein to digest of all, so consuming fruit with it can cause a huge bloating party in no time. Fruit is digested in around 30 minutes, whereas meat can take up to 5 hours! This means the fruit isn’t digested properly, and the sugars ferment with the bacteria in your stomach, causing bloating very quickly. If you want fruit with your meal, have it 30 minutes before you eat your meat.


Chew Fennel Seeds Afterwards

Another helpful tip to reduce bloating after your meals is to chew some fennel seeds after you eat. They taste a bit bitter, which is a good thing, because bitter foods actually enhance your digestion, and fennel reduces bloating. It is an anti-carminative, which means it helps reduce bloating and expel air from the stomach. As a bonus, it also freshens your breath!


Eat More Greens

Did you know greens enhance your digestion, reduce bloating, and increase your metabolism to boot? Eating them with your meals helps digest your food better, which can reduce bloating after meals.


Quit Eating Sugar

All sugar can ferment in your stomach and cause gas and bloating quickly. Even fruit bothers some people, even when eaten alone. Consume less sugar and see how your body reacts. If your bloating goes down, then you know sugar was the culprit all along!


Anise Seeds

Like fennel seeds, anise seeds also help reduce bloating and gas. I chew them after I eat a large meal, and I even use them on top of sweet dishes like oatmeal. They have a deliciously sweet taste and are also a diuretic, helping reduce bloating.


Herbal Tea

Lastly, I always drink herbal teas with my main meals, except for breakfast where I have coffee. Drinking herbal tea with lunch and dinner has helped me dramatically reduce bloating during and after meals. I like peppermint, ginger, and fennel tea for the best effects. A good all around tea is Traditional Medicinals Eater’s Digest, which you can find online or at any health food store.

If you have bloating during or after your meals, there are some simple little tricks like these that can make all the difference. You should also make sure you're not allergic or sensitive to certain foods, such as gluten, dairy, beans, legumes, or nuts, which can cause issues for some women. Do you have a tip to reduce bloating after meals?

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