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7 Tricks to Help You Eat Less All Day Long ...

By Alicia

I have learned some very useful tricks to help you eat less all day long. Maintaining a healthy weight is a combination of exercise and eating right. Eating right doesn’t only mean eating the right foods but eating the right amount of them. Portion control is an important part of having a healthy weight. These little tricks to help you eat less will help you, too.

1 Eat Breakfast

One of the tricks to help you eat less that works for me is to start my day with breakfast. If I skip breakfast, I have set myself up for disaster. I will be starving by lunchtime and grabbing any kind of food in sight, no matter the nutritional value. Skipping breakfast usually leads to a lot of all-day snacking. Even if it is only a cup of yogurt or some peanut butter toast, breakfast is important.

2 Have Some Protein

Protein will stave off hunger awesomely. If I expect carbs to keep me satisfied, I am in for a rude awakening every single time. I try to have a bit of protein with every meal. It doesn’t have to be meat. It can be cheese, eggs, peanut butter or other protein sources. A protein and carb combo is the best choice for me to stay full.

3 Challenge Yourself to Give up Snacking

You know, eating less takes a bit of willpower. I try to challenge myself to cut out snacks. I tell myself to try to go four hours in between eating and this works for me. I do allow myself a bedtime snack but that is usually something like popcorn or an apple. Once you start this way of eating, it becomes a habit you don’t have to think about.

4 Drink Water

If you want to eat less, drink more water. I try to keep a bottle of water beside me at all times to help me drink adequately. A lot of times we think we are hungry when we are actually thirsty. You could be misinterpreting your body’s signals. Try having a glass of water before you make the decision to grab a snack. You may find you no longer want one.

5 Avoid Boredom

Boredom is my enemy when it comes to eating. I will eat out of habit if I do not consciously watch myself. One thing I do is try to tell myself that the kitchen is closed in between meals. This actually works for me. I try to not even go in there unless I am cleaning or cooking. I have also heard of people telling themselves they can have whatever it is they are craving in a certain length of time.

6 Remind Yourself Hunger Will Not Kill You

While you certainly don’t want to deny your body the fuel it needs, you don’t want to give it more than it needs, either. I try not to rush to eat just because I felt a little hunger pang. I tell myself that hunger will not kill you. A lack of nourishment can certainly lead to serious consequences and you need to be sure to eat enough each day. But a lot of times, we don’t need nearly as much food as we consume.

7 Don’t Go Back for Seconds

I aim to have a medium size portion at meals. I remind myself I am a petite woman and I do not need the same size of portions that my husband and teenage son consume. If you are confused about what a normal size portion looks like, you can google portion sizes or look for a chart on Pinterest. I don’t go back for seconds unless I am truly still hungry. I also remind myself there is no reason to gorge; I will have that food again.

Learning to eat less is something that has to be learned. I would love to learn how you do this. Would you share your tips with me?

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