10 Secrets of Successful Diets ...


What sets a successful diet apart from the diets that fail? For starters, it’s all about the long-term weight loss, right? But there has to be something, or more than one something, that makes a successful diet, well, successful, and sweetie, I can help. Here are 10 secrets of successful diets… check your diet against my list and see if it’s destined for success, or doomed to fail. Ready?

1. It Helps You Set a Goal

It is impossible to reach a goal if you don’t have one to reach. Before you start any successful diet, you need to set an attainable goal. Set a goal weight, and give yourself a reasonable amount of time to reach it. If you’re not sure what your goal weight ought to be, use the free, customizable tools at myplate.gov.

It Focuses on the Positive
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