9 Reasons Why Your Diet is Failing You ...


You may eat right and exercise, but have you ever wondered why your diet is failing despite your hard work? There are a ton little mistakes you might not even notice that could sabotage your efforts. An excess of 100-200 calories could be all it takes to keep you from shedding pounds and inches. If you’ve been dieting until you’re blue in the face, but can’t lose those stubborn five or 10 pounds, it’s possible the reason why your diet is failing is one of these nine common mistakes.

1. You Eat Too Much

One of the many reasons why your diet is failing could be due to eating too much. If you started your diet when you weighed 200 pounds and ate 2,000 calories a day, you might need less food to sustain yourself at 130 pounds. Calorie requirements change as your weight changes. Figure out the ideal number for you and you should start to see some results.

You Eat Too Little
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