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Binge eating is a serious problem that needs immediate attention. Guest contributor Jessica Robert shares her tips on what causes you to binge and how to overcome that.

Binging can be best described as an eating disorder that includes episodes of uncontrolled eating; binging is usually associated with compulsive overeating disorder or binge eating disorder. Stuffing yourself with unhealthy foods when you are trying to follow a diet is quite a common occurrence and most dieters have faced this at some point of time in their lives. When you are making every possible effort to stay focused on your diet, there are times when binging causes a major setback and threatens to sabotage your weight loss efforts, unless you succeed in controlling it. When you find that such instances are becoming more and more frequent, it may be time for you to take control of the situation. To do so, it is important to understand which blunders are actually responsible for binging rearing its ugly head.

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Skipping Breakfast

Many people feel that skipping breakfast may solve weight issues. The truth is that when your body is deprived of a wholesome and nutritious breakfast, you are more likely to gorge on food containing unhealthy calories later in the day. It is always a good idea to cook a healthy breakfast for yourself each morning to kick start your metabolism.


Eating in Front of the TV

When you sit and start eating in front of the television or the desktop, you are actually not focusing on what you are eating or how much you are actually eating. Your mind is distracted and you are likely to end up eating more than required. You should designate proper times for your main meals and preferably eat in the dining room without switching on the TV.


Uncontrolled Portions

When you consume food in limited portions, you can maintain an optimum weight. However, when you are not attentive to portions and begin finishing leftovers from others’ plates, you actually give in to binging. Well known meal delivery services like Nutrisystem insist on having portion controlled meals as it is the major key to weight loss. Besides, their meals are also low calorific, low fat, low sodium and low glycemic. To prevent yourself from committing such blunders, you can subscribe for a basic diet plan in these services which will not let you binge.


Unmindful Eating

There are many times you eat food even though you are really not hungry. You may actually be thirsty and drinking water may solve the problem. It is best to drink water and wait for a while to see if you are really hungry.


Careless Partner

When your spouse or partner is not bothered about overeating and fails to see the dangers associated with binging, you may find it hard to control your body weight. You may have to accompany your partner to parties which will also pile on calories.


Influence of Friends

Even your best friends may not always be supportive of your weight loss efforts and they can make you choose unhealthy foods when you are out with them. Such influences can often sabotage your weight loss efforts.


Wrong Choice of Crockery

Sometimes the plate you choose to eat on can be responsible for the large portions you consume. When the dinner plate is extra large like in restaurants, it may be hard for you to understand the optimum portion.



When you are excessively tired, you think that you are hungry and start to eat. Sometimes the body may demand rest instead of food and depriving yourself of sleep may actually cause you to binge.



Boredom is a rather common cause of overeating. When you find nothing to do to keep yourself occupied or to look forward to, you are likely to find solace in unhealthy snacks. When you feel bored, it is best to start doing something instead of reaching out for that box of cookies.


Diet Slip

When you have already cheated on your diet, you start thinking that a few more slips in the diet will not cause a huge difference. To evade such thoughts and to get onto the right track of fitness using the services of acclaimed diet programs can help you.

These are some common blunders that lead to overeating and binging. Do you know what your main blunders are?

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