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7 Untrue Health and Diet Myths ...

By Jenni

There are plenty of health and diet myths out there that we have all heard once or twice. The hard part is not hearing about them, it is discerning which bits are true and which bits are false. However, some have a bit more fiction than fact. These health and diet myths are about as untrue as they come… And some just might surprise you!

1 Carbs Are the Enemy

The first of the debunked health and diet myths is that none of us need carbs. Although none of us need to be eating breads and spoonfuls of sugar, there are carbs we need in a healthy diet. There are two kinds of carbs, complex carbohydrates and simple sugars. Complex carbs are the ones that we need and keep us feeling fuller for longer, like kale, spinach and any other veggie. Simple sugars are the things that give us the jitters and that infamous sugar high, like candy bars and chips.

2 Sleep Time

Do you ever have the urge to trip a model who says her secret to being slim is sleeping enough? Me too. Sadly, she could be right. Researchers have found that those who sleep less than 7 hours a night are more likely to gain weight and less likely to lose it. The idea of sleeping more than 7 hours a night may make us all laugh, but so did the idea of working out 1 hour plus a day for our parents...


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3 Coffee Will Send Those Lbs Away

Yes, coffee does increase your heart rate, thereby increasing calories burned, but more than one cup of coffee will do nothing for you. Even worse, coffee could be having negative effects on your weight, depending what you put in it. Black coffee with a bit of cinnamon is best. All those other sugars and creamers will only take you farther away from those fitness goals.

4 Forget Coffee, Milk is My Ticket to Dieting

I know, this is going against all those commercials we remember from the '90s, but it is still not true. There is no conclusive evidence that dairy products help you lose weight or cause you to gain more. If dairy causes you to bloat or feel abdominal discomfort, stay away. Those are signs of a mild lactose intolerance, which most of us start showing after childhood.

5 Protein, and Only Protein

Many of us have tried the protein only diets (guilty) and had great success, that is, until we started eating normally again. Pairing protein and carbs together for meals will help you feel full for longer and the two together aid our bodies' digestive systems. Pair lean meats and complex carbs for the best results.

6 Diet Foods

Here come those pesky '90s again. Back then almost everyone was on the diet food train, heading to have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too station. Now, we know that those labels promising 99% less fat and no added sugar are sneaking lots of bad stuff in behind the scenes. Extra carbs, sugars, calories, and preservatives are all part of the less fat game. Instead, eat the real stuff, but in moderation. This will work much better for your long-haul weight-loss goals.

7 More Sweat Means Higher Calories Burned

Sweating is our bodies' way of reducing heat, it is not a good measurement for workout effectiveness. All that sweat is showing is that you are warm, it doesn't mean that not sweating makes the workout is less effective. Some workouts that are sweat free are better for us. Studies have actually found that working out in the cold will burn more calories since your body is having to fight to keep its internal temperature.

When it comes to losing weight, we have all tried one or two of those ridiculous myths that promise results. What seems to work best is the tried and true method of eating healthy and working out. What are some of the funniest fitness and diet myths you believed?

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