8 Places to Find Diet Encouragement ...


8 Places to Find Diet Encouragement ...
8 Places to Find Diet Encouragement ...

Diet encouragement can be hard to find… it seems like, once you’ve started a diet, everyone becomes a negative nay-sayer! This is the time you need a BFF, not a frenemy! What’s a girl to do? No worries, sweet thing… there are still a lot of places to find diet encouragement. Ditch the frenemies, leave the haters behind, and find some encouragement and inspiration in these friendlier places.

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Social Networking

I know what you’re thinking — there are so many haters on Facebook! But you know what? There are also a lot of people who would love to give you some diet encouragement and some serious love, too! Trust me. Post a couple of daily diet updates, something positive, and watch the supportive comments pile up! Don’t be negative, or talk down about yourself, though, or the haters will come out in droves.


Live Friends

We all have a friend who has something nice to say, no matter what. That’s exactly the friend you need to keep on speed-dial when you’re looking for diet encouragement. She’ll know just how to keep you motivated, inspired, and happy to be dieting.


Fellow Gym-goers

If you belong to a gym, you’re in luck, because your fellow gym-goers are another incredibly wonderful source of support when you’re working to be fit. Once they see you’re serious about making a lifestyle change for the better, even the serious muscle-heads will be encouraging and supportive; they might even have some tips and tricks to share!


Web Forums/groups

There’s a reason the online versions of Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are so popular — they’re effective at providing long-term, detailed dietary support and encouragement. If you’re looking for some serious help, check them out!


Your Family

No one will be prouder of you for dieting and getting fit than your mother, your aunt, your sister, your cousins… and your children. They get to enjoy the thought of having you around, and healthy, longer, so of course they’ll be encouraging and uplifting when you need it most!


Your Health Insurance Company

Who knew that big business actually cares whether or not you’re fit? Well, if that big business is your health insurer, they care because they have a vested interest in keeping you fit and healthy. Many of them now offer free fitness and diet advice and encouragement, which is a lot less expensive for them than caring for someone with obesity-related illnesses, like diabetes and hypertension and heart disease. It’s a win-win! You get professional encouragement, and they get a healthy, fit customer.


Your Doctor

Like your insurer, your doctor also has a vested interest in seeing you fit and well, so when you’re looking for diet encouragement and advice, personalized, just for you, start with your doctor. He or she can also tell you, from the start, whether or not you need to lose weight, and even help you come up with a diet and fitness regimen.


Your Fellow Stalkers!

You know who else really wants to see your diet a success, and see you fit, healthy, and happy? We do, and so do your fellow stalkers! We love to hear from our readers, like you, the ones who need a little motivation, a little inspiration, and a little encouragement. It’s what we live for… that, and exactly the right shade of lippie!

See? There are so many places to find encouragement and inspiration when you’re on a diet… all that’s missing is a little motivation and action from you, and you’re off on a healthy, fit new adventure… go, you! Which of these sources do you think will help you stick to your diet? Or do you have another place or person you visit for diet inspiration and encouragement? Do tell!

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