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7 Ways to Tell Your Diet is Working ...

By Jennifer

You’ve been dieting and working out for almost two months now… so you’re probably looking for ways to tell your diet is working, aren’t you? Fortunately, there are lots of good ways to tell your diet is working, and chances are, at least a few of them will be a surprise. While I do recommend an honest before and after photo (and some “in the making” photos along the way), there are so many other things you can look at to see how successful your diet is. Let’s go!

1 Your Clothes Are Growing!

Could it be? Are your favorite jeans… growing? Probably not, my dear! And you’re not the incredible shrinking woman either… or are you? If your clothes are gradually becoming too big, it’s not some trick of the laundry elves — it’s just one of the ways to tell your diet is working. Still not sure? Use a tape measure to get an objective opinion.

2 You Just Feel Better

Remember when you used to drag yourself home after a day of work, plant yourself on the couch, and only move when it was time for bed? Those days are long gone! You wake up each morning with bright eyes, and at the end of the day, you’re still ready to rock. It’s all that exercise, all that healthy food… hooray!

3 Potty Time!

I know, this is gross, but I’ll try to be subtle. If your diet is working, you’ll be able to, shall we say, move your bowels more easily? All that fresh fruit, all those veggies, all those wholesome, fiber-rich whole grains — they’re all filled with fiber, which is great for your digestive system. It’s a very, very good thing! Need I say more?

4 Your Workout Has Gotten Easier

Remember when running a mile would leave you winded? Now that your diet and fitness regimens are working, you can run that mile, plus another one, and finish without gasping like a fish out of water. If your workout is easier, well, that’s one sign your diet is working, my dear! Kudos!

5 You’ve Made Other Lifestyle Changes

It could be a coincidence that you’ve stopped smoking, and started getting your eight hours of sleep each night, and even stopped drinking all through girls’ night… or it could be that your diet has got you thinking healthier, making other healthy lifestyle changes. There’s no stopping you now!

6 Oh, You!

You’re probably getting tired of all the comments and compliments — Have you lost weight? You look gorgeous! You’re just glowing! — but take them to heart! If people seem to be complimenting you pretty constantly these days, well, they’ve got a point! You DO glow! You DO look gorgeous!

7 Of Course, the Scale…

I saved the most obvious for last… though it’s not the best way to tell if your diet is working, or that you’re losing weight, a quick check of the scale is one way to know for sure. The problem is that not all scales read the same (they can be as much as five pounds off!) and that inches, not pounds, are a better indication of fitness.

Yeah, I know… you could step on the scale to see if your diet is working, but with so many better ways to figure it out, why would you want to? I love when my clothes grow overnight in my closet… and it’s always nice to hear compliments all the time… but which one of these lets you know when you’re losing weight for real? Or is there another measurement you use to help you see when your diet is working? Do tell!

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