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By Sophie

Eating healthy is an important aspect of your lifestyle, but it's not always easy. Use this Instagram inspiration to get you on the right track and stay there. But first, here's your healthy eating tip for the day:

Have fruit for dessert.

1 @dollyandoatmeal

2 @sproutedkitchen


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3 @lexiscleankitchen

4 @deliciouslyella

5 @kaleandcaramel

6 @hemsleyhemsley

7 @8thandlake

8 @thewholefooddiary

9 @emilieeats

10 @choosingchia

11 @thedelicious

12 @rachlmansfield

13 @iquitsugar

14 @gkstories

15 @straightforward_nutrition

16 @skinnytaste

17 @kalememaybe

18 @carrotsncake

19 @cafejojo_

20 @ambitiouskitchen

Hungry, yet? Use these handy Insta accounts to keep you eating healthy every day. What other healthy eating accounts do you want to share?

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