8 Healthy Foods for a Successful Weight Loss ...


8 Healthy Foods for a Successful Weight Loss ...
8 Healthy Foods for a Successful Weight Loss ...

Healthy Foods for Weight Loss help you keep you trim so you can maintain the weight you've lost. We all know what NOT to eat when we're trying to lose weight, but do we know which are healthy foods for weight loss? If not, keep reading! There are a lot of foods that can help your diet be more successful, and I've chosen some of my favorite healthy foods to share with you. Here are 10 healthy foods for weight loss.

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Did you know kale is a good source of iron, fiber, and calcium, even when cooked? It's also tasty, and makes a great side dish, especially with black beans (another great, healthy food). It's one of the best healthy food for weight loss, and you can incorporate it into your diet using lots of tasty recipes.



Whole oats (not the heavily processed, instant kind) are loaded with fiber, meaning that you'll feel full and stay full, and they'll help lower your cholesterol. Can you think of another healthy food for weight loss that does all that?



Just like the old expression, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” research has shown that apples are healthy foods for weight loss, and can even help you curb cravings. They're really sweet and crunchy, and are loaded with antioxidants.



Salmon is an excellent choice if you're looking to load up on healthy Omega-3s and lose weight. If you're worried about mercury and other contaminants, opt for wild salmon, rather than farm-raised.



Blueberries have always been one of my favorite snacks, but they're more than just a sweet treat. They're also packed with antioxidants (more than almost any other fruit or berry) and are easy to transport... pack a little reusable container in your lunch, or add them to your low-fat yoghurt...



Speaking of low-fat yoghurt, did you know that it's also a marvelously healthy food for weight loss? That's especially true of the trendy new Greek yoghurt lines... remember, though, to check the labels for extra sugars and fats.



They're terribly out of season for most of the year, but when they're in season, there's nothing more delicious or heart-healthy. I love adding them to yoghurt (see above) and salads, or just eating the arils plain!


Olive Oil

Cook with it, toss it with pasta, drizzle it on a salad... is there any way to enjoy olive oil that isn't delicious? Don't be afraid of it for it's “high fat” bad rep — those fats are actually the good, filling kind... so drizzle and enjoy away!

With so many healthy foods for weight loss, your pantry and fridge are sure to be stocked with all the goodies you'll need to lose weight, and keep it off! Which of these healthy foods surprised you? Which do you already know and love? Do tell!

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