12 Swaps to Make You Thinner ...


12 Swaps to Make You Thinner ...
12 Swaps to Make You Thinner ...

There are times when you don’t want to go on a diet but think you need to lose just a few pounds and there are times when you just think your diet can be a little healthier. By making a few changes and some simple alternative choices you can decrease your calorie intake and lose 2lb a week. For example using semi-skimmed milk in your coffee instead of full fat milk will save you 3 calories per cup. Not a lot, but it all adds up.

Being clever by making the right decision about a particular food also helps lower the calories count without even changing your diet in any way. For instance, eat mature cheese instead of milder ones as stronger cheeses are more likely to satisfy your palate meaning you won’t eat so much. Here are 12 swaps to make you thinner.

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Save 110 Calories, 15.2g Fat

Everyone loves baked potatoes but instead of 8oz baked potato with 2oz cheese, have an 8oz baked potato with 4oz of cottage cheese


Save 295 Calories, 18.9g Fat

There are swaps to make you thinner if you are a pizza lover. Instead of a pepperoni pizza (roughly 1lb) change it to a chargrilled vegetable thin and crispy pizza of equivalent size/weight.


Save 60 Calories, 0.7g Fat

All yoghurts are pretty good for you but if you swap a low-fat fruit yoghurt for an equivalent weight but virtually fat-free versions you’ll be even better off.


Save 99 Calories

Swaps to make you thinner can even work with your choice of alcohol. A single measure of gin with slimline tonic water is less calorific than a large glass of white wine.


Save 258 Calories, 16.8g Fat

Can’t resist those yummy brownies? Change a 4oz brownie for one English muffin spread with 1 teaspoon of chocolate spread


Save 52.7 Calories, 0.3g Fat

Wash down those swaps to make you thinner with a swap in drinks. Enjoy a glass of fizzy or still mineral water with a thick slice of lemon instead of 250ml glass of lemonade.


Save 196 Calories, 9.4g Fat

Another of the drink swaps to make you thinner is for coffee lovers. If you can’t resist your caffeine hit don’t have the regular latte, just by swapping to skinny latte you can save heaps of calories in a week.


Save 134 Calories, 10.5g

For the sweet tooths among you, pass on the jelly doughnut in favour of a toasted crumpet spread with 1 teaspoon of your favorite jelly or jam.


Save 620, 81g Fat

This is one of the great swaps to make you thinner that’s a whacking reduction in calories. For a tasty pasta dish, give the Carbonara a miss and have a tomato sauce instead. (Applies to 8oz pasta and 4oz sauce)


Save 240 Calories, 16g Fat

Do you eat at McDonalds? If Big Mac is your choice, the next time you enter under the golden arches, order a Hamburger instead. Much better for you and just as tasty.


Save 436 Calories, 52g Fat

Chinese food is generally considered healthier than stodgy western food but some of them can pack a hefty calorific punch. Swaps to make you thinner from the local Chinese takeout are many – just consider the sauces and method of cooking. Avoid the batter items in favour of stir fried dishes. For example swap crispy shredded beef with egg fried rice for beef in oyster sauce and boiled rice.


Save 118 Calories, 20.6g

Forget that breakfast or elevenses blueberry muffin and have a plain toasted bagel spread with 1 teaspoon honey and 2oz fresh blueberries.

So, you can see that with a little intelligent thought there are plenty of swaps to make you thinner. Please share any suggestions.

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