7 Healthy Snacks to Have before Dinner ...


I don’t know what it is about dinner time but it never comes at the right time for me; it’s never soon enough. It’s almost as if some part of the brain defies the convention of having dinner and tries to fight it off by inducing the urge to peck at something. But, snacking before dinner is always a wrong thing to do. Not only do you invariably reach for the wrong kind of food, you also end up spoiling your appetite. Well not anymore. Take a look at these 7 healthy snacks to have before dinner. You are never going hungry again.

1. Fruit & Nut Combos

Fruit and nut combos are one of the more popular healthy snacks to have before dinner. They are rich in antioxidants and yet not heavy enough to spoil your appetite. Some great combos are dried pineapple with pistachio, almonds and apricots, raisins and peanuts, and hazelnuts and cherries.

Apples and Cottage Cheese
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