7 Super Food Synergy Secrets ...


7 Super Food Synergy Secrets ...
7 Super Food Synergy Secrets ...

Food Synergy is often discussed, but not everyone really gets it. What's even better than the benefits of one super-food? How about two super-foods, working together to give you more benefits than either one of them alone? That, my dear, is called a food synergy, and there are so many foods that can work together to give you their amazing benefits, and them some! Here are 7 super food synergy secrets I just had to share with you.

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Oatmeal and OJ

This really is the breakfast of low-cholesterol champions! Eating a bowl of REAL oatmeal, paired with a glass of REAL orange juice puts the cholesterol-lowering compounds in both the oatmeal and the OJ into overdrive when they're eaten together. Plus, they're tasty together! Talk about amazing food synergy!


Tomatoes and Broccoli

This is one healthy food synergy to promote to your sweetheart, since, although researchers don't yet know why, they're extremely effective at fighting prostate cancer. In fact, according to an article on the Men's Health website, the only more effective treatment is castration.


Red Delicious Apples and Raspberries

Eating more than one type of fruit together (or drinking mixed fruit juices) somehow unleashes many more antioxidants than eating one type of fruit (or a drinking a single-fruit juice). Something about this combination makes me long for a summer fruit salad...


Spinach and Strawberries

Did you know that eating a fruit rich in Vitamin C along with a plant-based source of iron will help you body absorb that iron better? This combination of healthy foods makes me think of a spinach salad with fresh sliced strawberries... This is a great combination of food synergy, even though it might sound odd. Try it, you'll see!


Turmeric and Black Pepper

The anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer component called curcumin is much more potent when its main source, the spice turmeric, is eaten with plain old black pepper. Yum! Something spicy!


Salmon and Garlic

We already know how marvelously nutrient-packed fish is. However, you may not know how much food synergy you get from this combo. For instance, did you know that by cooking salmon with garlic, you'll be reaping the cholesterol-lowering benefits of your salmon fillet several times over?


Tomatoes and Avocados

Did you know that the antioxidant lycopene, found in tomatoes, is better-absorbed when eaten with healthy fats, such as the ones found in avocados or olive oil? This makes the case for guacamole with tomatoes, as well as a drizzle of olive oil on your bruschetta.

I hope you understand food synergy a little better now! With so many delicious super foods working together to make you happy and healthy, you'll probably never eat just one thing at a time, will you? Food synergy depends on putting super foods together so they can work better together. I know I'll never eat super foods by themselves; I'll always obey the laws of food synergy by giving my super foods a buddy! Which of these super food synergies will you try first, and which do you think you'll like best? Do tell!

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