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A few years ago, I tried the raw foods diet. I honestly never felt better in my entire life… I had more energy and more time (I wasn’t spending hours at the grocery store or in the kitchen). But you don’t have to follow the diet to reap all the benefits… you can actually get the pep and vigor by just knowing which foods to eat raw... and here they are!

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Most fruits are sweet enough in their fresh, raw form, so why do so many of us eat them cooked and processed? Fruits are so convenient and easy and delicious right off the tree or bush… wash carefully, peel and enjoy! Fresh fruits are one of my favorite foods to eat raw.



Carrots, celery, green beans, cucumbers, broccoli, tomatoes (if you consider them a veggie)… so many veggies are nutritious and delicious when eaten raw! Sure, they’re good cooked, but wow, they’re so much crispier and savory and crunchy when they’re fresh and uncooked, which is why they made my list of the foods to eat raw.



While peanuts and almonds taste a little richer when they’re roasted, they’re also perfectly delicious when they’re part of the raw foods diet… or when you just eat them raw as a snack. If you like, add a dash of sea salt. Raw nuts are an excellent source of protein!



Raw beans are marvelous on salads and in salsas, so why do we usually only eat them cooked, in soups and chili? Try your favorite beans raw, and see if you like them… I know I sure do! And, like nuts, they’re also high in protein… and fiber!


Leafy Greens

Cooked spinach is one of my fave supper side dishes, but leafy greens are another of the foods to eat raw. Try a handful of raw leafy greens as a salad, or on a sandwich. I love romaine on a tuna sandwich or baby spinach with feta cheese and carrot slices as a salad. Yum!



Looking for a quick boost of energy? Forget the Redbull and try a handful of raw seeds instead! They’re loaded with fiber and vitamin E, and will give you the same burst of energy as an energy drink, without the jitters and the nasty crash later. You know that Chia Pet you got for Christmas last year? The seeds from that, called chia, are part of the mint family, and are tasty when eaten raw.



Okay, so the rice in sushi is cooked, but the fish and veggies are not! That’s why tasty, trendy sushi made my list of the foods to eat raw. Not a fan of fish, but still want to give sushi a go? Try a California roll… my favorite!

Hooray for the raw foods diet, and for just eating a few foods raw for the health and the taste of it! Which of these foods to eat raw will you try first? And how will you enjoy it? Or is there another raw food treat you’d like to share? Please do… I’d love to try it!

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