7 Healthy Things to Add to Salads ...


There’s really nothing quite as diet-friendly as a salad, but let’s face it: the same salad day after day can be boring, so I’m always excited to find healthy things to add to salads, especially things that won’t wreck my diet! If you’re getting tired of your bland, boring greens, keep reading! Here are my favorite healthy things to add to salads. Grab your favorite salad fork, and let’s go!

1. Look at Lettuce

Let’s start with the basics — you’re not still using boring old iceberg lettuce, are you? If so, add some flavor and texture, and a hearty dose of nutrients, by changing the greens you’re using. Spinach, romaine lettuce, baby kale, dandelion greens — all of these are healthy things to add to salads, before you even add anything else! Vow to try a new type of green each week, til you find the perfect lettuce blend for you.

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