9 Calorie Counts of Your Favorite Holiday Foods ...


If you’re on a diet this holiday season, you’re probably looking for calorie counts for holiday foods, so you know which tempting treats to indulge in, just a little, and which ones to skip. So I’ve come up with a typical holiday menu, and then gathered the calorie counts in one helpful place, right here. Which of these calorie counts for holiday foods will surprise you, and which will make your mouth water? Grab your favorite fork, and let’s get started!

1. Turkey

Calories: 160

While the debate over whether white meat or dark meat is tastier rages on, the calorie counts are in, and the clear winner in the low-cal contest is white meat, without skin, for sure. One four-ounce serving contains only 160 calories, while the same size serving of dark meat has 185 calories.

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