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Have you ever noticed that some of the best tasting and nutritious foods are also foods that cause bloating?! It’s so unfair that these clean and healthy foods that do a world of good for our bodies inside and out are also guilty of making us feel gassy, extremely full and just plain uncomfortable! If you feel the bloat but you’re unsure of who the culprit was in your discomfort, read on for 7 common foods that cause bloating and let’s catch the sucker!

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I’m a salt lover so it really pains me to see my beloved mineral on this list of foods that cause bloating. Water likes salt so when you eat more than your usual helping of highly processed foods or add more salt than usual to your food you can end up retaining water and looking puffy for awhile due to the excess salt. Use salt sparingly and try out spices that don’t contain salt to add some pizazz to your meals!


Broccoli and Cabbage

Yikes, broccoli and cabbage are both heavy hitters on the list of bloat-inducing foods! I’m sure most of you have noticed that when you eat either vegetable you tend to feel farty and full. It would be nice to eliminate these foods to avoid their unpleasant side effects but both vegetables pack a powerful punch when it comes to nutrition so it would be a low down dirty shame not to eat them! Cabbage is low cal and low fat, is known to fight cancer and has vitamin C and fiber. The cruciferous broccoli contains vitamins A & C, beta carotene and fiber.



Gum is also one of the top belly-bloating foods around, all the chewing usually means you’re swallowing air that gets caught in your belly and small intestines. Sucking on hard candies can have the same effect so if you’re looking for something that mimics the effect of gum, try drinking water to keep your mouth moist or eat some seeds or nuts to keep your mouth occupied.



The musical fruit got its very own song about tooting because they’re one of the foods that causes bloating. Beans are great for a number of reasons like providing us with fiber, protein and antioxidants but they’re also responsible for making us feel gassy due to an ingredient called oligosaccharide that isn’t easily digested by our bodies which gives us the big bloat!


Bubbly Drinks

I know sodas and beers aren’t food, but they’re liable for making us feel large and in charge so they made this list of foods that cause bloating. The carbonation in these drinks releases carbon dioxide bubbles that can cause gas, bloat and burps. Sodas also contain caffeine which can dehydrate you from due to the diuretic effect of caffeine.


Fried Food

You’d never guess that fried food would be a type of food that causes bloating, but it does! The fat content in fried, fatty are harder to digest and break down so the extra time it spends digesting in your stomach can lead to gas and bloating. And if your fried food of choice happens to have an unhealthy serving of salt on top, you can bet that you’ll in be in for a bloat!



Apples are another one of the healthy foods that cause bloating. Although this classic fruit is tasty, wholesome and full of vitamin C, it can contribute to making you feel uncomfortably full and bloated due to all of the soluble fiber. Soluble fiber isn’t the easiest for some of the more sensitive stomachs to digest so although it can cause some uncomfortable “side effects,” eating apples in small portions along with other foods should ease their gassy effects while you still reap their healthful benefits!

Some of these foods that cause bloating are some of my go-to healthy foods and as much as I hate feeling bloated, I still plan on eating them for the health benefits and enjoy them in moderation. It’s unfortunate that some of these foods have such awesome nutrients yet make us feel like a puffer fish! Do you have any belly-bloating foods that you’d add to this list?

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