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Is your digestion bad? Do you have a wobbly tummy, gas, nausea or diarrhea? Because digestion is tied very closely with what you eat, it makes sense that changing your diet can help alleviate digestive problems. Even if you just have the occasional bout of constipation or upset stomach, the following foods can help give your digestion the boost it needs so that you always feel great. Add these to your grocery list and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

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Try Some Delightful Chia Seeds Today

pink, food, produce, dessert, cake, Chia seeds are packed full of fiber, which is a pretty important nutrient when it comes to digestion. When you get enough fiber, it regulates your bowels so you can ease digestive disturbances and hopefully feel better soon. The seeds are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which boost immunity and protect all aspects of your health. Try chia seeds in yogurt or in a smoothie.


Grill a Decadent Filet of Salmon for Dinner

dish, meal, food, bento, produce, Salmon is a super food that is loaded with nutrients that your body needs for good overall health. Experts suggest choosing wild Alaskan salmon because it is not genetically modified and contains a wealth of omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon also has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps keep your intestines calm and working properly. Eat it smoked or grilled for a flavorful meal.


Try Ghee Right Away – You’ll Love It

food, drink, dessert, coffee cup, coffee, Ghee is clarified butter with most of the fat, sugar and lactose taken out. People eat ghee for many reasons, but one of them is because it helps boost the production of stomach acids, which aids in digestion so that you can move that food through without issue. Look for ghee at health foods stores.


You’ve Got to Indulge in Coconut Oil

coffee cup, There are so many great health reasons to start eating coconut oil. You can use it in place of butter or olive oil to impart a delicious new flavor to your foods. The fatty acids and other plant compounds that coconut oil contains can help improve digestion and your immunity in general. Use coconut oil for sautéing or to make homemade salad dressings and marinades.


Fermented Vegetables Are Totally Mouthwatering

produce, local food, food, vegetable, meal, There are several reasons to eat fermented vegetables. They contain probiotics, which are the healthy kind of bacteria that improve digestive function. Boosting your probiotic intake can actually shorten a bout of diarrhea and make you feel better as soon as possible. Choose sauerkraut, kimchi and pickles. Yum!


Bone Broth is Brand New Way to Aid Digestion

dish, food, produce, curry, meal, Never eaten bone broth before? It doesn’t sound like the most appetizing thing in the world, does it? When you cook it properly, it has a pleasant meaty flavor that is perfect for sipping. Bone broth reduces inflammation and helps improve digestive function overall. The broth is also packed with nutrients that are easy for your intestines to absorb, improving health and digestion.


Shake Things up with Zucchini

produce, food, dish, plant, vegetable, Because zucchini contains antioxidants, it’s a great choice for detoxifying your body and boosting healthy digestion. In addition, this veggie is full of fiber, which further improves your digestive function. Eat it raw in salads or cook it up in vegetable soup or an omelet.

Which of these is your favorite foods? Which ones do you plan to eat more of now?

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What is your source for the section on Ghee? I've never heard of it and I'm sure it's good for you, however, you should not aim to increase stomach acid unless you have a seriously low level to begin with. In that case you'd already be seeing a doctor.

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