8 Fool-Proof Tips for Fighting the Freshman 15 ...

By Amber

8 Fool-Proof Tips for Fighting the Freshman 15 ...

One of the biggest struggles in college is fighting the Freshman 15. I’ve seen this terrible thing creep up on plenty of people, and it’s something everyone says is pretty much inevitable. But not if you follow these tips! Fighting the Freshman 15 is very possible, and I’m here to tell you how.

1 Portion Control

This is my first tip for fighting the Freshman 15. Why? Because we often don’t realize how much we consume when away at college. Think about all those all-nighters and how many cups of coffee and/or energy drinks you might need. They really add up in calories. Same with excess snacking. We tend to snack more when stressed, so this is a huge way the weight creeps up on us.

2 Exercise

Most schools have deals at their gyms so take advantage! Or try joining a club sport team, or a yoga/Pilates class (this also helps alleviate some of the stress). Sure it’s an extra expense, but think about the benefits! It will be way cheaper in the long run than having to constantly buy new jeans, ladies. Think about it.

3 Hydrate!

Skip the soda and energy drinks and drink water instead. Staying hydrated will help keep you healthy, and it also does wonders for your skin. You can try juices too, but make sure that they are low in added sugars, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup. But I recommend always having a bottle of water with you.

4 Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can make you fatigued and lazy and causes you to eat more than you usually would. I know that in college, your sleep schedule is flipped and turned completely upside down, so it is important to be on a good sleeping schedule. If you have a roommate, agree ahead of time on a time for "lights-out."

5 Get a Workout Buddy

Working out is sometimes easier when you know that you aren’t in it alone. Grab a floormate or see if your roommate will be your workout buddy. Another great tip is to get a small group to pitch in for a gym membership. That way can be more affordable, and everyone can benefit.

6 Keep a Food Journal and Workout Schedule

I am not saying count every single calorie that you consume. That can actually work against you. But do write down what you eat. Trust me, when you see that your last couple of entries are nothing but sweets and fatty foods, you will want to start changing things up. Also, keep a good workout schedule and keep to it. Designate a day and time to hit the gym or go for a run.

7 Have a Cheat Day

I love this tip. Depriving your body of what it craves can be harmful as well. If you have stuck to your schedule and have been eating healthy, why not reward yourself? Hey, you may even find that you don’t even want that slice of cake, and may opt for a yummy yogurt parfait instead. Whatever your guilty pleasure might be, go ahead and enjoy it for a day.

8 Make Healthy Choices

I know this can be a challenge when all you’re surrounded by is Panda Express, Taco Bell, or Jack in the Box. But look around your campus market. They should have healthier alternatives and options for you to choose from. If not, buy some healthy foods next time you go grocery shopping and make your own lunch.

I hope these tips helped some of you. These are tried and approved from girls who have already gone through it, so you have nothing to lose but the worry. I only wish to pass on the wisdom. If you have any other tips or comments, please let me know! I love hearing back from my readers.

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