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9 Ways to Diet Fast ...

By Jennifer

Did you know there are a number of healthy, safe ways to diet fast? For some of us (me included!), it’s easier to stay motivated when you kick off your diet with a bang. So what are these marvelously easy ways to diet fast, and get into your summer bikini while everyone else is still miserable over muffin top? Keep reading…

1 Set a Goal

It’s impossible to reach a goal unless you set one first, so the first of my ways to diet fast is to make a goal. It’s got to be obtainable and reasonable, though, as well as specific. Say “I’m going to lose ten pounds this month,” rather than “I’m going to lose some weight.”

2 Enlist Aid

It’s going to be about impossible to lose weight and stay fit if everyone else in your house is still eating whatever junk they want, and sitting on the couch watching TV all night. Enlist your housemates, or husband and kids, in your diet and fitness plan, and you can all get in shape and lose weight together!


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3 Clear the Pantry

Next, empty out your pantry, fridge, freezer and cupboards, then decide what stays and what goes. Ditch the sodas, candies, crisps, and prepared foods in cans, boxes, and freezer trays. These are all loaded with empty calories from fat and sugar, as well as extra sodium and nasty chemical preservatives and such.

4 Make a List

Once you’ve emptied your pantry, it’s time to make a menu, or a list of the meals and snacks you’ll be preparing in the next week. Aim for five servings of fresh fruits and veggies each day, plus wholesome whole grains and lean proteins. Clear an hour each day for food prep, and get ready to get healthy!

5 Shop for It!

Losing weight is much, much easier if you know how to shop. Push your cart around the edges of the grocery store, where all the good-for-you foods are located, and avoid the inner aisles, where the junk food and nasty prepared foods are lurking. Then speed to the checkout and go!

6 Pack a Snack

When that two o’clock snack attack happens, will you be prepared with a healthy snack (like grapes or a pear), or will you stand, peering into the vending machine, deciding between salty, fattening chips or a bag of sugary candies? Save your diet by packing a couple of healthy snacks and have them on hand for snack attacks. Some ideas: hummus and carrots, grapes, or whole-grain pretzels.

7 Add Some Exercise

Simply changing what you eat won’t be enough to make you as fit as you’d like to be – you’re going to have to exercise, strenuously, a few days a week. Don’t worry about heading to the gym, though. This exercise can be easily done by chasing your kids around the yard, taking the dog for a long, brisk walk, or bouncing on your backyard trampoline. Fun!

8 Keep Hydrated

Did you know that often times, when you feel ravenously hungry, you’re actually just thirsty? That’s why it’s a very good idea to keep hydrated. If you know you’ve missed a few ounces of water during the day, sip at some cool water before indulging in a snack, and save a few (hundred!) calories.

9 Take Your Time

How do “diet fast” and “take your time” end up in the same article? I know it sounds odd, but taking your time to eat and enjoy a meal will indeed help you lose weight, and fast. How? First, chewing completely and slowly will aid in digestion, and will help you enjoy food more. Second, pausing between bites, rather than wolfing down your meal, will give your brain time to realize your belly is full, so you don’t overeat. Bonus!

Seriously, following these simple tips will help you kick your diet off right, and help you lose weight fast… REALLY fast! Which of these tips will you use first? Or do you have any other advice to share?

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