7 Worthwhile Tips on Preventing New Relationship Weight Gain ...


7 Worthwhile Tips on Preventing New Relationship Weight Gain ...
7 Worthwhile Tips on Preventing New Relationship Weight Gain ...

Looking for some tips to prevent weight gain in a new relationship? There’s this thing called “happy weight” or “love pounds” that some of us put on when we start dating someone new. This can be a result of slacking off on your workout routine or adopting some of your new partner’s eating habits. Either way, if you’re looking for ways to enjoy being part of a new relationship without the extra pounds, keep reading for some great tips!

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Kiss the Cook

One of the most important tips to prevent weight gain when you’re entering a new relationship is to eat at home and cook together! Cooking is a fun activity that the two of you can do together and it’s so much healthier and cheaper than eating out all the time! You don’t have to cook gourmet meals, just whip up a dish or two that the two of you like and enjoy each other’s company!


Couples Retreat

Preventing weight gain has a lot to do with the food you eat but it’s also essential that you get moving! Make working out together a fun activity by playing sports, taking walks in the park together or basically anything that gets you two moving and off the couch! If he’s not into it, make sure you make time for yourself to work in your own workouts!


Snack Smart

A sensible tip to prevent weight gain with your new love is to bypass junk food and stick to healthy snacks. I know, if your partner is chowing down on chips or sugary snacks, it’s really hard to pick up carrot sticks. In that case, make your own healthy trail mix with crunchy nuts and dried fruit or have a yummy Greek yogurt instead — you’ll be glad you chose healthy!


Drink Wisely

Tips to prevent weight gain involve more than just food. The calories in cocktails and beers can easily add up so while it’s nice to relax together with a drink, keep high calorie adult beverages to a minimum and enjoy lower calorie alternatives like wine spritzers, light beer or come up with your very own skinny cocktail recipe!


Don’t Compete

Many times, we end up eating past the point of being full just because our partner is and that’s so not necessary! Don’t feel like you have to keep up with your partner when eating. Eat slow and until you’re satisfied and don’t make eating into a competition! We don’t have all the same metabolism so maybe your partner can handle extra food but that doesn’t mean you will too.


Eat when You’re Hungry

Another smart tip to prevent weight gain is to only eat when you’re hungry. Sounds easy enough, right? It can be, but many times we end up eating just because our partner is noshing on something and we didn’t really want anything to begin with! This can lead to extra calories overall which can equal weight gain. Eat only when you feel hungry and not just to keep someone company!


Make Time for Yourself

You might feel like wanting to spend every waking moment with your sweetie and that’s understandable. But if you want to prevent weight gain and maintain your own identity, don’t forget to make time for yourself! This can mean taking time away to stay in touch with friends, work out or just have some me time. There’s nothing wrong with taking time out for yourself to recharge!

These tips to prevent weight gain in a new relationship can help the two of you to develop healthier eating habits together and spend some quality time together! It might be a little challenging to incorporate your healthy lifestyle with your partner’s but it’s totally possible! Have you ever gained love pounds? Do you have any tips on preventing new relationship weight gain?

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