9 Ways to Reach Your Ideal Weight ...


9 Ways to Reach Your Ideal Weight ...
9 Ways to Reach Your Ideal Weight ...

If you've ever struggled with finding ways to reach your ideal weight, then you’re not alone. Most women in today’s society have struggled at some point in their lives with body weight or body image issues. Perhaps you've been overweight or even underweight at various points in your life. Finding ways to reach your ideal weight doesn't have to come through a diet plan or a supplement. There are natural approaches to finding your ideal weight that can be much easier and relaxing than the unhealthy ways so many of us are tempted to turn to. Check out these 9 ways to reach your ideal weight to get started.

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Eat Breakfast Everyday

This is such an "oldie" when it comes to finding ways to reach your ideal weight, but it is crucial. This advice may sound like a broken record, but your metabolism needs breakfast to jump start itself and get your body in a regular rhythm. This doesn't mean stuffing toast down your mouth right after your feet hit the floor, but within one hour of waking up, you need to eat something. Ideal choices are light and protein filled such as a nice protein smoothie, some almond butter on sprouted grain toast, a plain Greek yogurt with fruit or a scrambled egg with some tomatoes or fruit.


Be Active Naturally

To teach your metabolism to function optimally without too much effort, all you have to do is move around more. If you work from home, take regular breaks throughout your day to do house chores or fix your meals, or tend to your kids. If you work at an office, take regular breaks to move around during the day. Walk longer distances when you run errands from the parking lot to the door, and take the stairs whenever you can. Even just taking small breaks can add up. While it won’t replace intense exercise, being constantly active during the day can improve your metabolism.


Eat a Balance of Nutrients

To reach your best weight, be sure to eat a variety of nutrients from healthy sources. This means protein, fat and carbohydrate intake at every meal. Protein should be lean, fat should be plant-based fats except those from harmful vegetable oils, and carbohydrates should come mostly from veggies, some fruits and low-glycemic starches such as whole grains or better yet, starchy vegetables like squash and potatoes which are full of water, fiber and nutrients like potassium and magnesium. Drink plenty of liquids and your body will function just as it should.


Stop Counting

You cannot reach your ideal weight by measuring every single thing you eat or counting calories. You are trying to dictate what your body wants instead of what it is telling you it needs. Try listening to your hunger levels during the day. While you don’t want to overdo your calories at one meal, it doesn't mean having to count calories every time you eat. It is better to eat until you are 80% full each time you eat. It normally takes 20 minutes before you realize you’re actually really full on that 80%. Eating until you’re 80% full can teach your body to properly train itself naturally to many how calories you need. That may mean 3-4 times a day for you, or if you’re like me, it’s more like 5-6. I prefer eating smaller meals several times a day. My body gets hungry at the same times every single day, which is a sign of a good metabolism. Be sure to choose smart bites every time you eat and don’t try to go hungry. It will backfire later, which may lead you to binging.


Don’t Eat Garbage

No I don’t mean garbage as in food out of a dumpster! I mean garbage as in processed foods that claim to be healthy or junk food. Quit trying to think you can just eat diet products all day, like packaged bars and shakes, and lose weight. If you’re looking to gain weight, don’t eat cheeseburgers and pizza. When you eat healthy foods that are balanced in their nutritional makeup, your body will naturally find its happy weight.


Refocus Your Efforts

Perhaps you’re obsessed with losing or gaining weight. Your stress from the anxiety to do either may be preventing you from gaining or losing. Stress signals thousands of hormones in our body to work improperly. Your metabolism takes a huge hit when this happens. Strive to focus on something else while you work on your weight goals. Perhaps it is a hobby, or a volunteer project. It could even be a career goal. Don’t sacrifice your eating habits or exercise regimen, but do try to focus on something else to pass the time and take your mind off your weight goals.


Exercise in Moderation with Consistency

Exercise should be consistent. It teaches your body to be active and raises your natural metabolic weight. Even if you are trying to gain weight, you need to exercise moderately. Sedentary lifestyles have been linked to heart disease and diabetes. If you need to lose weight, move 45 minutes to 1 hour a day and take one rest day during the week. If you need to gain weight, just move 30 minutes per day and take one-two rest days per week. Choose whatever activity makes you happy that you can fit in your schedule the best.


Don’t "Size" Yourself

Just because you want to fit in those size 2 jeans doesn't mean your body wants to be there. Going hungry just to fit in size 2 jeans will cause you a lifetime of unhealthy dieting habits. Life is more than your jean size! Don’t eat too much sugar, unhealthy fats or starchy foods from poor sources and your body will find its ideal weight in no time.


Eat Healthy for You, Not Anyone else

Are you looking to change your body for someone else’s opinion? This is the worst thing you could do to reach your ideal weight. Your ideal weight is just that- yours. No one can tell you what that should be except your body. Feed it right, move it consistently, and you’ll find your happy weight in no time. Changing yourself for a guy or anyone else will not make you happy and will lead to unhealthy habits and a harmful mentality. Take care of yourself for YOU!

You deserve to reach your happy weight so you can ROCK your body confidence. Life is too short to spend it unhealthy or unhappy. Accept yourself just as you are, and follow these 9 ways to find your ideal weight and you’ll be on your way in no time to finding body confidence. What are some tips you have for finding your ideal weight?

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I need some help because Im 16, 170 pounds, and live in a house where everyone eats unhealthy. Its hard for me to lose weight when everyone around me holds temptations in front of me. Im tired of being made fun of at school for my weight and I need to get healthy. Any suggestions?

Slowly start introducing healthy food into your diet? If you really want burger/chips eat some fruit? Or if you want carbs buy a salad filled sandwich without mayo etc. You just need to make small changes initially and make sure you eat fruit/veg rather than all fatty foods :) Also if you can't be bothered to exercise at the gym take a short walk after each meal (pretty sure I took that tip from here and I feel much better already!) The weight isn't going to drop off in two seconds but if you really want to get healthier and thinner just swap bad for good :)

Hi I am a 17 year old college going girl I am very picky about food I don't know I am having 80kg of weight and 5/7 height I really want to be slim but I can't please help me with some suggestions please and also I don't drink milk or water or anything i have very bad diet I eat junk food in college please help me ill be great full to you Thankxx

This tips are useful to me. I did it before n I lost 20kg in 2 years. Nowadays I still keep doing it

@Harriot well I think that's a good idea though I love doing walk but I do it pretty slowly but anyways thanks

Good advices

I disagree I count calories and it taught me portion control, turns out I was overeating big time and I lost 20lbs by counting calories it's about what works for you. When it comes down to it, it simple. Portion/calorie control, exercise, and eat less greasy food eat more natural food

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