7 Ways to Eat for the Body You Want ...


7 Ways to Eat for the Body You Want ...
7 Ways to Eat for the Body You Want ...

Most people believe their dream body is miles away, yet it is actually quite possible to eat for the body you want and get results fast and efficiently. You shouldn’t starve yourself to achieve a healthy body, but instead, you should learn to eat to honor how you want your body to look and feel. Instead of constantly comparing yourself to others, just change what you eat and your mentality. Healthy food is delicious and can truly give you the exact body you want. Depending on your goals, your meals will need to differ from people with other goals. Check out these 7 ways to get you started and learn to eat for the body you want today.

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Decide What Body You Want

To eat for the body you want, you need to have a clear cut image of what kind of body you want. I hope the body you want is lean, toned, strong and healthy. You can modify that a bit depending on if you need to bulk up or bulk down, so to speak. For instance, if you’re underweight, you’ll probably be eating much more protein and healthy fats than someone wanting to simply lean out, which will entail more low-calorie protein options and moderate healthy fats. Perhaps you’re trying to simply eat clean instead of eating junk. In that case you’ll want to go with an all-around plan that emphasizes clean eating and doesn’t focus as much on protein, fat and carb counts. Whatever you do, don’t compare yourself to someone else and expect to look exactly how they do on every body part you have.


Move It

If you want to change your body, you’ve got to move it! By moving your body, your eating efforts will start to pay off faster and more efficiently. Eating alone won’t give you the body you want, nor will exercising and eating junk. Whether you’re looking to gain muscle or lose pounds, then you need to adjust different forms of exercising to fit your needs. If you just want more ab definition, then you’ll need to focus on lots of core work from yoga, Pilates and be sure to include lots of cardio. If you’re looking to gain some healthy lean muscle, then you’ll need to hit the weights with moderate cardio. Either way, exercise is a must to get the body you want and will making eating for the body you want pay off faster.


Say No to Junk

Junk food doesn’t just involve sugary snacks and fast food. Junk food is anything that contains tons of ingredients and is processed. If it comes in a package at all, make sure every single ingredient is one you can pronounce and recognize. Avoid added sugars, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, preservatives, and trans fats. To eat for the body you want, you’ve got to eat real food. No matter what the front of the package says, read the label. Skip past the nutrition contents and read the ingredients. That is what will truly tell you if it is healthy, more so than calories. Better yet, stick to foods like tons of fresh produce, lean meats, nonfat organic yogurt and kefir, fish, flaxseed and chia seeds for fiber and Omega 3s , coconut and olive oil in moderation, and gluten-free whole grains if you like, such as quinoa and brown rice or oats. Limit added sodium and use herbs and lemon, stevia, and various vinegars to season your foods and add flavor without fat, sugar or salt.


Drink Clean

You don’t just need to eat for the body you want, you also need to drink for it. Water, herbal teas and one to two cups of coffee per day, along with green tea, is optimal. Smoothies made with clean ingredients and no added sugars are also a great way to get in your water intake for the day. I also love flavored water by simply placing lemons and limes in a water pitcher and sipping all day.


Eat More

To get the body you want, you’ll probably need to eat more than you do now. Your metabolism needs constant fuel to burn calories and maintain muscle. It can’t give you energy, stamina, or lean muscles without the right fuel. Each time you eat, you should pick some type of healthy protein and produce from fruit and preferably veggies. Lean protein will keep your body nourished and burning calories while still maintaining muscle, and the veggies will give you antioxidants and fill you up with plenty of fiber. By eating when you feel hunger coming on, you’ll be preserving muscle so it can in return burn fat.


Know Your Nutrients

You can’t truly eat for the body you want without knowing how certain nutrients perform differently in your body, and knowing which ones you need more of depending on your goals. For example, if I knew I wanted to put on lean muscle and lose some added weight, then I wouldn’t be able to efficiently do so without knowing just how protein works in the body, or knowing how to cut fat intake without hurting my metabolism. Simply research what type of body you want, and find a reputable, safe source that can show you how to do that.


Ask Others

If you admire the way someone else eats or looks, ask them their nutrition plan! Some people may not want to share, but many are happy to. Whatever you do, don’t fall for anyone’s advice that tells you they take a diet pill or eat a dangerous diet to get the body they have. I can promise you, you may like the way they appear, but their insides are not healthy and will shortchange them for true health and longevity instead of being a body they are happy to live in.

Always pick a healthy role model when it comes to having the body you want. Better yet, start loving your body for exactly how it is and decide whether or not it truly needs to be changed. If so, remember that eating clean, drinking clean and moving your body are the best ways to get the body you want, and the one that will serve you the best! What are your tips for eating for the body you want?

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It's been helping me to eat according to the activity I'm doing - for example in the afternoon I do cardio so I make sure lunch is good fuel, whereas in the evening I don't do much so I eat a piece of fruit or something

Thank u very much Natalie atleast now I can cook some.

Great post!

Hi I have bought quinoa but was just wondering if I would cook it the same way as I would cook rice. Thanks for ur help.

Like it says in #6, that is what I want, build lean muscles and lose some added weight. I don't know any diet for loosing that little bloated area, if you can recommend any reputable site or book I'd appreciate it

I cook it in my rice cooker the same as I do rice and it turns out perfectly! A 1:2 ratio quinoa to water, and just make sure it's rinsed first.

Heather, your posts are absolutely wonderful, informative and full of realistic, helpful tips. I love your articles! Please continue writing such wonderful pieces

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