7 Weird Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating ...


7 Weird Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating ...
7 Weird Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating ...

Healthy foods come in all shapes, sizes, and names! Don't believe us? Check out Andrea's list of weird healthy foods that you should be eating. Thanks Andrea for the eyeopener!

Most people don’t look twice if they see things like Twinkie, unnatural orange colored ‘cheese’ poofs, or boxed mashed potatoes on your plate. These things are completely processed, man made and contain little nutrients. Start showing up to lunch hour with a variety of fresh veggies, however, and you will elicit curious stares. People may even ask «What IS that stuff"??» It’s unnerving to be singled out for just trying to eat healthy and eating whole, nutritious, real food. And it’s weird that people think it’s weird. Here are seven less common veggies/fruits you should try now!

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This potato-like veggie can be used for so much more! It has a subtle, crispy, carrot-like taste. As a root vegetable, you could use this for anything you would use a potato for: mashed or pureed, shredded as hash browns, or roasted with some herbs in the oven. It’s high in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and only has 50 calories per cup!!!



Fall in love with this starchy fruit! It can be best described as a cross between a banana and potato. When green, plantains can be used as more of a potato substitute- boiled and mashed, roasted in the oven, or used as the ‘pasta’ element in a lasagna. Riper, brown or yellow plantains work well used more like a banana- caramelized in sugar and drizzled with chocolate.



Kale is becoming more popular with each passing day. It’s a leafy, bitter green that tastes amazing sautéed with garlic and onion. It’s very low in calories and also very high in calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. It goes great with runny eggs as a breakfast or as a side for dinner! It can also be eaten raw, or made into a pesto. Try to buy organic whenever possible.



A cousin to the carrot, parsnips are another way to spice up your nightly veggies. Another root vegetable, they can be roasted in the oven with carrots, or pureed and used as a potato substitute. They’re high in fiber, potassium and magnesium.


Butternut Squash

If you haven't tried this fall favorite, you're missing out. With only 82 calories per cup, it makes a wonderful potato or french fries swap. Cut them into 'fries' and sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika for some healthy fries. Or cook all day in the crock pot with maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg for a wonderful side dish.


Spaghetti Squash

There so many varieties of squash, and spaghetti squash is a must try. This works wonders for a swap for pasta that fills you up without the guilt! Bake it in the oven for around 45 minutes then scrape out the insides. You can then substitute it when everyone else is loading up on pasta!


Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts get a bad rap for being a gross food, when in reality they make a tasty side dish for any dinner! Only 65 calories per cup! They taste great drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper then roasted in the oven. Mix them with maple syrup and pecans for a twist on a regular dinner side dish. Even if they sound gross....you just have to try them!

So put down the Twinkies and pick up one of these options next time you’re at the grocery store. The worst that can happen is you won’t like it! But I bet you’ll find at least one that makes a regular appearance on your plate.

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@Laura Jayne spaghetti squash is actually quite good... I think it tastes a little like sweet potatoes.

Brussel sprouts are yum!

Ohhh spaghetti squash is my fave here!

Rutabaga is delicious just mashed with a little butter

What's so weird about these? I have EVERY one in my kitchen at all times during their seasons!

I've eaten all these haha they're not weird!

I'll make it my business to try each an every1!Kale is my all time favorite veggie.that spaghetti squash,strike a must try nerve.

I eat all of those except the spaghetti squash. I've never heard of it!

Omg! This is so true, I tend to eat fresh food when I pack my lunches and I've brought all of these in the list in some meal at one point but people are always looking and staring and asking what that is - it really is annoying, it's almost like people have never seen real food before!

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