7 Amazing Ways to Curb Your Sweet Tooth ...

Knowing how to curb your sweet tooth can be of vital importance. While enjoying a sweet treat once in a while is totally fine, if your cravings get out of control, you can find yourself stuck on a rollercoaster of sugar highs and lows, complete with plenty of irritability and anxiety. Scientists have found that humans crave sweet flavors from birth, and that the taste of sweet items releases endorphins which calm and relax us, leading to a natural high. That’s why most people crave sweet treats after a hard day, or to pick themselves up when they are feeling low. The American Heart Association recommends sugar intake is limited to 9 teaspoons per day for men, 6 for women, but the average consumption is closer to a whopping 22 teaspoons per day. Wow. So how do you curb your sweet tooth if your cravings have already kicked in? Try this.

1. Live a Little…

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A little bit of what you want does you good. As long as you have self-control and can limit yourself, let yourself have whatever it is that you are craving. A small cookie or a fun-size candy bar should be enough to curb your sweet tooth without creating a huge sugar spike, which would be followed by a severe crash. If you get to taste sweet items, you’ll lose that β€˜on a diet’ denied feeling, and be a lot happier, making you much more likely to stick to the low-sugar plan. Just try to stick to a 150-calorie limit, to keep yourself on track.

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