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7 Diet Tips from Tracy Anderson to Add to Your Life Today ...

By Heather

Tracy Anderson is celebrity trainer to Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie and many other famous celebs, and the best diet tips from Tracy Anderson are ones we can all enjoy, celebs or not! I was first introduced to Tracy through her DVD exercise set, Metamorphosis. I had no idea how much I would enjoy this DVD, and this form of dance for exercise. I’m not a dancer, to say the least, but I am in more shape now than I ever have been. Tracy also has her own YouTube channel with free workouts, which I suggest you check out. Here’s a hint: Gwyneth is a huge fan of her arm workouts, and based on Gwyneth’s body, I feel safe trusting her advice, what about you? Not only does Tracy have great workouts, but also fantastic diet tips. Check out these amazing diet tips from Tracy Anderson, which as you’ll see, aren’t all about losing weight, but more about supporting a lean body for life.

1 Choose Lean Protein

One of the best diet tips from Tracy Anderson is to always include a little lean protein! Protein is essential for building lean muscle in the body. It helps stimulate growth hormones that burn fat, and it even aids in brain health through amino acids. Be sure to choose lean sources, and choose naturally slimming varieties, like lean poultry, fish, Greek yogurt and eggs or egg whites. Avoid fatty cuts of meat and starchy sources like beans.

2 Avoid Processed Foods

Another top tip by Tracy is to avoid most all processed foods. She does approve of a couple of nutrition bars on the market, and has her own clean blend of protein powder with only clean ingredients. Overall, however, she sticks to whole foods. She advises making several vegetables and vegetable and fruit purees to have as snacks and to complement meals. She’s also big on starting the day out with a fresh meal, not a bar. For instance, a sweet potato with egg or egg whites as a breakfast, or perhaps a banana mash with egg whites. She also usually advises having fish at least once a day or every other day. Berries are a top fruit choice since they’re low in sugar and make an appearance in many of her menus.

3 Exercise Daily

Of course, since Tracy’s an awesome trainer, she wants us working out each day! Exercising daily is a great way to build muscles, stimulate fat burn, tone your body and lengthen it! You’ll increase your flexibility through Tracy’s exercises and work on toning your body too.

4 Work Your Appetite

It’s always best to actually be hungry when we eat, and the best way to do that is to stimulate your appetite by working it! Work for those delicious foods and nourish your body by moving it more. Do energizing workouts that make you feel good about yourself, which will make you more apt to feed your body well. Tracy’s exercises like dance cardio and mat toning moves are a fabulous way to do just that.

5 Green It up

Next, be sure you add greens and green vegetables to your diet. Tracy’s top tips include always choosing green foods at one or more of your meals. This is sound advice anyone knowledgeable about nutrition will give you, and it’s nice to hear that she agrees. Kale, spinach and all green vegetables make regular appearances in her menu, and some of her soups are completely green based, which I love!

6 Add a Shake

Healthy shakes, not processed varieties, are a fabulous enhancement to your nutrition regime. They are easy to digest, completely delicious and they’re easy to have on the go. Many of Tracy’s shakes include her protein powders, but you can use any you want as a replacement. She emphasizes having them right after your workout for muscle recovery, which is great advice I’d give to anyone myself.

7 Quit Fearing Carbs

My favorite diet tip from Tracy is she teaches us not to fear carbs! She eats fruits, vegetables and whole grains like quinoa, oats and brown rice. She’s also a huge fan of sweet potatoes. Sure, she doesn’t eat them all day, but she knows they are important sources of nutrients, energy and great foods for hormone health.

There are many other fabulous diet tips you can get from Tracy, along with an easy to read PDF form of her diet and menus, which you can find here on her website. Have you heard of Tracy Anderson?


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