23 Super Simple 💡 Tips to Staying Healthy 🤒 While on Vacation 🗺 ...


Tis the season to travel!

I know many of us will have fun holidays coming up, whether that’s jet-setting on a plane or getting in the car for some adventures on the road.

Travelling usually means less healthy options when it comes to eating and taking care of your body.

And often times we can take that to mean getting out of our routine and letting everything slide.2

You know I’m a big believer in a whole, healthy lifestyle so making choices and doing a little bit of planning is priority even outside the comforts of home.2

Saying that, I’ve put together some tips on making healthy travel a breeze.


1. Hydrate

You need water not only to keep your body hydrated, but also your skin!

It’s the worst start to a vacation if you’re off the plane looking like you’ve been without water for days with low energy, digestive issues, dry skin, and cracked lips.

Make sure you bring a water bottle with you and keep it filled at all times throughout the flight.

2. Move as Much as You Can before You Board

If you’re early to your flight, rather than sitting waiting, do the walk and wait instead.

You can get your circulation going by making some rounds at the gate.

3. Bring Your Own Food

We all know it, most airport and airplane foods are pretty low standard.

Take some time to plan ahead and bring what you need to keep you going.2

Your body will thank you for it, and you’ll feel that much better to get yourself straight into holiday adventure mode.

Foods that travel well include;

nuts and seeds, energy balls, kale salad, chickpea or quinoa salad, granola, hard boiled eggs, veggies;

snap peas, cucumber, bell peppers, fruit;

apples, strawberries, grapefruit, oranges, banana, nut butters;

I love Justin’s peanut butter that you can get in portable packages which are great to put on crackers, apples or peanut butter.

Dress Comfortably
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