7 Ways to Eat Healthy during the Holidays ...


Are you trying to come up with ways to eat healthy during the holidays? That’s no small task. Treats and goodies are everywhere you turn this time of year. But there are some ways to eat healthy during the holidays that do work. These are 7 of them.

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Get the Menu Preview

One of the easiest ways to eat healthy during the holidays is to get the menu preview when you’re going to a holiday party or meal. If you know the menu ahead of time, you have an advantage. You can plan what will and won’t go on your plate. Being surprised with all the treats is difficult. Knowing ahead of time allows you time to think what the best choices are so you don’t make impulse decisions.


Bring a Dish That Fits Your Eating Plan

If you’re going to a holiday dinner or party, bring something along that you know fits your eating plan. This way you know there’ll be at least one dish you can enjoy without throwing your plan off. This also helps the hostess out. There are many dishes you can choose from in all eating plans that could appeal to others, too. You may even have people asking for the recipe by the end of the evening.


Don’t Bring Home Treats

As tempting as it is, don’t bring treats home. It’s easy to take a plate of goodies when you leave but you’ll regret it later if you do. Those treats will be staring at you just waiting to be eaten and you’ll feel wasteful if you don’t. If a hostess insists, drop them off at a neighbor’s house for them to enjoy. This way you know they’ll be eaten and you’ll be rid of the temptation.


Make a Healthier Version of the Treat You’re Craving

There are treats everywhere you turn during the holidays. It’s hard to resist them all. So, why not make one that fits your eating plan? Maybe you can remake the recipe cutting the calories, fat or sugar so you have a healthier version. You probably won’t even miss the original.


Decide on a Treat Ahead of Time

It’s okay to have a treat during the holidays. It can be helpful to think about it beforehand, though. This saves you from making bad decisions on the spot. Maybe you can’t imagine going through the holidays without a piece of your grandma’s pecan pie or your mom’s famous fudge. If you’ve decided that’s what you’re going to have ahead of time, you can still enjoy it and stop at one serving.


Indulge in Moderation

Continuing along with the last point, indulge in moderation. I know that going through the holidays without a single treat would depress me. It’s wonderful if you can do that but if you feel like you can’t then indulge a little. The trick is knowing when to say when. Having one glass of eggnog or one hot cocoa is indulging in moderation whereas drinking endless cups all day long wouldn’t be.


Get Right Back on Track

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall a little off track. It happens to most of us from time to time. The important thing is getting back on track. Don’t waste time feeling guilty. Forgive yourself and decide to make a good decision next time.

These are 7 ways to help you eat healthy during the holidays. What’s your game plan for accomplishing this? I’d love to read your comments.

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