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7 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Diet While on Vacation ...

By Melissa

With the right attitude you can stick to your diet while on vacation. We all know it’s much easier to stay in control of your eating when you do the cooking, but that’s not always the case when you are on vacation. If you are looking for tips to keep your calories in check while you enjoy some much needed time off, you are going to love these 7 tips to help stick to your diet while on vacation.

1 Plan Ahead

If you want to stick to your diet while on vacation it is important to plan ahead. Research restaurants on the web. Check out their menus and find diet friendly options. If you are staying somewhere with a kitchen, plan your healthy meal menu before you leave, create your grocery list, and stick to your plan.

2 Pack Snacks

If there is ever a time that you are likely to fall off the diet train it’s when you are too hungry to care. It’s easy to have a moment of weakness and grab a bag of chips from a vending machine or pick up an order of french fries to ease your hunger. But as we all know, easy isn’t always best. Pack some simple healthy snacks with you. Keep them in your bag for quick access during your vacation.


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3 Salad Caution

For many of us, salads seem like a no-brainier healthy choice. I mean, most salads are packed with leafy greens and other veggies. That’s healthy right? But what about the gobs of full fat cheese and creamy salad dressing that many restaurant salads come with? Add in some bacon and your “healthy” salad can easily become the most unhealthy thing you eat all day.

4 Watch Portion Size

Portion size is another thing that kills a good diet. Most restaurant servings are huge and are easily enough for two people to share. Share a plate and save some money, or box up half your meal to eat later at the hotel.

5 Don’t Drink Your Calories

Eventually at some point during your vacation you are going to want to splurge and have something off your diet plan. That’s okay, but do you really want to make that splurge a soda or another caloric drink you can get just about anywhere? I wouldn't. One glass of soda can easily be 200 calories and after a couple of refills you can drink 600 calories and not even realize it.

6 Plan a Treat

It’s okay to go off plan to enjoy a great meal or special dessert. The trick is to work it into your diet. Plan a splurge day or meal. Remind yourself when you feel tempted that in a few more days you can have that decadent dessert that is screaming your name. One day of poor diet choices won’t unravel your weight loss, but an entire week might.

7 Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is a tricky thing. Many drinks are packed with calories and sugar, making it a poor option for healthy eating. Alcohol also lowers your ambitions making you more likely to overeat or easily go off plan. Avoid the extra calories and the temptation to eat something you shouldn’t by avoiding alcohol all together.

I hope these tips will help you stick to your diet during your next vacation. While eating is important your vacation shouldn’t be about food. Enjoy making memories with your family and friends. What are some ways you stay on track with your diet while on vacation?

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