Why You Never Want to Go on a Totally Fat Free Diet ...


You know that limiting your fat intake is a good way to lose weight. This is because fat contains more calories than other nutrients. However, some fat is important and cutting it completely is an unhealthy choice that you may regret. Your body needs some fat for essential functions so you should include some in your meal plans. Talk to your doctor about how much is appropriate for your health status and weight. In the meantime, consider these important reasons for eating some fat.

1. Fat Gives You Energy

Healthy fats provide your body with energy so that you can get through the day. In fact, you should be combining those healthy fats with carbs and protein to support your daily tasks and help your brain stay awake to get you through what needs to be done. The trick is to balance your fat intake with your calorie needs so that you get what you need without overdoing it.

Healthy Fats Support Heart Health
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