The Real Reasons Why You're Experiencing the Dreaded Muffin Top ...


The Real Reasons Why You're Experiencing the Dreaded Muffin Top ...
The Real Reasons Why You're Experiencing the Dreaded Muffin Top ...

No one wants a muffin top, unless of course it's to eat. And honesty, most of the time, what's causing that little roll at your waistband has nothing to do with fat, and everything to do with a hundred other little things. Here's what's really causing that tummy roll, and how you can fix it, stat.

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The Bloat

If you notice your tummy roll just before shark week, it could just be caused by premenstrual bloating. Yet another reason to loath Aunt Flow.


Too Small

If your pants and shorts are too small, they're going to squeeze you in all the wrong places, creating the look of muffin top where there really is none.


Sit up Straight

I'm not saying you've got to have perfect posture, but if you engage your core and push your belly button to your spine (basically sucking in your tummy), your shoulders will naturally straighten, and that pesky tummy roll will vanish.


So, Skin

If you've recently had a baby or lost weight, your tummy roll may just be temporary, til the elasticity of your skin helps it bounce back into place.


Society, Man

You know, I love my soft tummy. I want to know why most of society doesn't? Stop calling it a muffin top and embrace your softness.


Horrible Hormones

Leptin-resistance is a thing, and it could be causing your muffin top. It's way too technical to get into here, but Google it.


Muscle Maybe?

For some reason, when I am REALLY working my core and am at my fittest, mt muscle makes it look like I have muffin top, which is brutally unfair but true. Dammit.

This isn't, of course, a complete list... what else could be the root cause of a tummy roll, besides muffin top? Do tell!

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Some of those points are valid but at the same time they don't apply to everyone 🤔

Nope you are just fat

Wow. What's with the negativity, man?

@Liz where did that come from?

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