What is Fitness Bread ?


What is  Fitness Bread ?
What is  Fitness Bread ?

Known as “stripped carbs”, white bread goes through a refining process that means it’s quickly digested and turned into sugar, which can contribute to weight gain. That's why it's time for you to get the answer to what is fitness bread?

Fortunately, not all breads are equal. According to “Pure Wow”, fitness bread “is a healthy alternative that has made a cult following."

So, what is fitness bread exactly? Created by German Company Mestemacher, fitness bread is made with just 8 ingredients, including whole rye and oat kernels.

For example, a single slice has double the fiber and one-third the sugar of traditional whole grain bread.

It doesn’t contains preservatives and it can last up to 6 months, due to the pasteurization process.

It’s important to notice that this fibrous bread doesn’t taste like the white slice you might be used to.

Not soft, not crusty, it’s dense, rustic and tastes like whole grains.

While it might take some time getting used to, this nutrient-packed alternative, basically means you can eat as much avocado toast as you want.

It's not that easy to find Mestemacher Fitness Bread in stores (buy online- it's easier), so you can try making it for yourself too. Recipes are not going to be the exact same as the proprietary recipe, but are still healthy. Try this one:

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