13 Weight Loss Commandments ...


If losing weight is your goal, youโ€™re only steps away with the help of certain weight loss commandments to ditch those unnecessary pounds. Losing weight isnโ€™t about crash diets, pills, or starving yourself. You also donโ€™t have to spend hours in the gym. Losing weight is all about certain factors and equations that change how your body works. First, before you begin, make sure you actually need to lose weight and that your weight loss goal is a healthy weight for your body size. These commandments are not about deprivation or dangerous diets. Instead, these weight loss commandments should be your guide so you can forget everything else you ever hear about losing weight and your obsession with a magic number!

1. Donโ€™t Try to Eat like Your Neighbor

One of the most important weight loss commandments of all is never to try to eat like everyone else you know. How many times have we heard our friend, relative or coworker tell us how she lost all this weight with a certain magic diet she found out about? I can tell you right now that trying to eat like everyone else will never give you the lasting results you want. You need to find out the right foods that work for you. Of course no one should be eating junk foods or refined and processed foods, but when it comes down to your daily meals, be sure to eat foods you enjoy that are healthy too, not only because they contain a certain number of points or calories.

Eat Clean
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