7 Ways to Resist Temptation when It Comes to Food ...

By Holly

With all of the delicious snacks out there, it can be helpful to know the different ways to resist temptation when it comes to food. Wherever you go, people are going to be selling candy and eating chocolate. There’s nothing wrong with snacking, so long as you do it with healthy items. Here are a few simple ways to resist temptation when all you want to do is eat junk food.

1 Back of Freezer

If you’re the one in control of the shopping, don’t buy unhealthy food. If you have tempting food inside of the house, then there’s a high chance that you’ll walk to the fridge to eat it. If other people live with you, it’s not your decision whether or not snacks are in the house. However, you can move them to the back of the freezer or cupboard so that you don’t see them right away when you’re searching for food. One of the ways to resist temptation is to keep things out of sight, so that they’re also out of mind.

2 Bag It

If you’re going to indulge in a snack like chips or cookies, put a small amount in a plastic bag. If you have the entire container in front of you, it can be difficult to stop eating. You might not even realize how much you’ve consumed if you’re not paying attention. Decide how much you want to let yourself eat, then place it inside of the bag. Once you’re finished with it, don’t let yourself go back for any more.

3 Full Stomach

Always go shopping on a full stomach. If you’re hungry, then you’re going to purchase more than you need. Chances are, the things you pick up won’t be the healthiest. Make sure that you’re not hungry when you step foot into the supermarket. You can also keep a list with you of healthy items, so that you only pick out the products on the list and don’t make any impulse purchases.

4 Fit Pics

Pictures speak louder than words, you know. Keep pictures of fit celebrities or an awesome photograph of yourself on your fridge. It’ll urge you to eat healthy, so that you’re always looking fabulous. Make sure you keep the pictures at eye-level, so you don’t miss it whenever you open the fridge. You should see it every time, so that you never forget your goal: to stay healthy.

5 Don’t Starve

If you refrain from eating for hours on end, then you’re eventually going to get hungry. The hungrier you are, the more you’re going to want to eat. It’s healthiest to eat small portions in small intervals than to binge on snacks once or twice a day. You can’t get healthy by skipping meals. You just have to find the right items to consume.

6 Painted Nails

This idea seems a bit silly, but it works if you’re at home when you get tempted to eat unhealthily. If you’re craving candy that you need to get your hands on, paint your nails. You won’t be able to eat the food until they’re dry. By the time the color dries, hopefully your temptation has died away. It sounds ridiculous, but it could help!

7 How It’s Made

If you’re in the mood for fast food, watch a documentary about how it’s made. The processes for most food are quite disgusting and will make you lose your appetite. Plus, you’ll learn more about the food industry. It’ll reduce your temptation and provide you with knowledge. What could be better than that?

It’s important to cut down on junk food, but that doesn’t mean that you should cut down on food as a whole. You have to make sure you eat enough to stay happy and healthy! How do you resist temptation when you’re in the mood for unhealthy snacks?

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