7 Awesome Ways to Follow a Clean Eating Plan ...

By Melissa

7 Awesome Ways to Follow a Clean Eating Plan ...

Following a clean eating plan may not be the easiest task, but if you are serious about living a healthy lifestyle then it is one that you have considered time and time again. You have probably found that eating clean all time isn’t realistic, but we can strive for making better food choices most of the time. If you are struggling to stick to a clean eating plan or have played with the idea and just don’t know where to start, then this post is for you.

Table of contents:

  1. fresh fruits
  2. veggies
  3. homemade soups
  4. rice
  5. beef
  6. pasta
  7. soy

1 Fresh Fruits

Fresh Fruits Obviously a clean eating plan starts with fresh fruits. Check your local farmer’s market for in season fruits. Be sure to ask questions to see if any pesticides have been used. Try to purchase organic when possible. Take it a step further and plant your own fruit tree in your backyard. You can’t get any fresher than that.

2 Veggies

We all love our veggies, right? While fresh veggies from the produce section is the best choice, you may find that they go bad quick. I suggest either buying fresh vegetables for a couple meals at a time, or opting for frozen bags. If you are purchasing frozen veggies, go for the ones that have no added flavors or sauces. Keep it simple.

3 Homemade Soups

There isn’t anything better than homemade chicken soup, just like Grandma or Mama use to make, am I right? The key to homemade soup is fresh ingredients. You don’t want canned chicken or vegetables. I like to use leftover grilled or baked chicken in my soups. What’s your favorite clean eating homemade soup recipe?

4 Rice

Rice Brown rice is an excellent natural food. Some people have a problem with the taste and texture of brown rice. It does take a little time to get used to the flavor. If you can't dive right into eating brown rice, I suggest you start by adding a little brown rice to your white rice. Each time you eat rice replace a little more of the white rice with the brown rice until you have made a complete swap.

5 Beef

When purchasing cuts of beef, you want to look for grass-fed beef. You will find that grass-fed meat tastes better and is more nutritious. Please, by any means necessary stay away from the pre-made frozen beef patties. You are much better off mixing your own patties than buying that overly processed crap.

6 Pasta

While the 20 cent instant dehydrated noodles may be budget pleasing for many, the horrible processed ingredients in them are bad for your body. You can actually find some really great whole grain pasta options at reasonable prices. I’ve seen boxes at my grocery store for around a dollar. One box is enough for several servings and you get more nutrition from whole wheat pasta than instant dehydrated noodles.

7 Soy

There is a great debate going on in the health industry over soy. Many health experts feel that processed soy found in milk and veggie burgers is detrimental to our health. Soy is best eaten in its natural state. Try soybeans, also known as edamame, as a snack or a salad topper.

I hope these tips will help you make better choices when it comes to following a clean eating plan and get you started on a healthy lifestyle. If you have already made the switch from processed foods, please tell us some of the ways you eat clean.

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