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7 Ways to Break the Snacking Habit before It Kills Your Diet ...

By Alicia

If you are looking for ways to break the snacking habit, I am right there with you. I have had to do this. For me, snacks are what kill my diet. I have to really watch them. So I have learned these ways to break the snacking habit in order to have success in my weight loss.

1 Figure the Calories

One of the ways to break the snacking habit is to figure the calories that you are going to consume with a snack. Can you afford them? Maybe you can. If you can, great, go ahead. But sometimes you cannot without going over your daily calorie goal. Figuring what it will add on to your daily total before giving in can sometimes help.

2 Decide the Kitchen is Closed

This little tip helps me. I simply tell myself that the kitchen is closed between meals. This makes snacking less of a temptation because it isn’t an easy option. I won’t say that I have never broken through this self-imposed barrier but it is rare that I do. I have times set that I eat meals and that is that.

3 Realize a Little Hunger Won’t Kill You

This sounds harsh but it works for me. Sometimes I just remind myself that I am really not that hungry and that I will be okay until it is time for another meal. Sometimes I discover that I can tough it out a lot better than I thought that I could. After all, it usually hasn’t been that long since I ate or that long until I will eat again. This may not work for everyone but has been a good little trick for me to use on myself.

4 Realize Sometimes You Are Not Hungry

For me, I had to realize that sometimes when I wanted to snack, I was really not that hungry. I was bored or just eating out of habit. Sometimes I was just thirsty. A lot of times we snack because we are thirsty but we don’t realize that thirst so we eat. Try having a glass of water first to see if that makes the snack craving go away.

5 Snack Carefully

If I am going to snack, and sometimes I do, I try to snack carefully. Do not grab the first thing that you see to snack on. Try to have something semi-healthy and a good choice for your diet. Some of my favorite healthy snacks are yogurt, fruit and popcorn. If you choose your snack wisely, there is less guilt to deal with later on.

6 Try Distraction

A lot of times I just need to distract myself from the desire to snack. I notice that when I am busy and out and about doing errands, I very rarely want a snack. It is when I am home and snacks are within such easy reach that I tend to want them. This tells me that a lot of my problem is boredom or habit. It could be your problem, too, if you find yourself falling into the same pattern. In this case, it is best to just distract yourself by getting busy with an activity of some sort.

7 Set a Time Limit

Sometimes if I want a snack, I will set a time limit. For example, I will tell myself that I will have a snack in 30 minutes if I still want one. A lot of times the craving will pass. Sometimes it doesn’t and I really do feel hungry. In that case, I try to make a wise choice for a snack.

Snacking isn’t always a terrible thing but it can be a bad habit if you are not careful with it. How do you deal with the snack habit? I would love to learn more tricks to handle this in my own life if you want to share!

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