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Calorie counting can be boring and feel like a waste of time, so why not try some easy ways to cut calories without even noticing? I really love my food, so would find it hard to cut the calories of things such as the type of carbs I eat or the snacks that I have. Therefore, these easy ways to cut calories can be really beneficial.

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Remove the Sugar

This is the most convenient of the easy ways to cut calories. A teaspoon of sugar is about 26 calories, therefore, if you have three teaspoons in a tea or coffee and have this drink three times a day you will be having an extra 324 calories without even realizing. Why not opt for a lower calorie sweetener or simply cut the sweetness all together?


Change Spreads

Even though, it is commonly known that we should be trying to swap butter for low fat spreads, this may not be the case. Low fat spreads contain a high proportion of trans fatty acids due to the method that they are made. These trans fatty acids are not good for you as they can increase your risk of coronary heart disease if in a large quantity.


Salt when Cooking or Serving

You should not consume over 6g of salt a day. Therefore, you should only really put salt in the food whilst cooking or when you are serving the dish. This will reduce your salt intake by a half. Most of the time food producers already have added salt to make it taste better. So, try to only put salt in food that you are cooking from scratch.


Portion Size

This is probably my main weakness. I find it really hard to know how much pasta and rice to cook. This then ends up in me having too much food on my plate and then still wanting to eat it. Another, method is to stop eating when you are full. I know this sounds obvious, but a lot of people just want to finish what is on their plate. Plating up your food onto smaller plates will make you feel like you've eaten more, after finishing the meal.


Salad Toppings

Mayonnaise and salad cream are really not healthy for you. However, in moderation they are fine and make food taste amazing. But coating salads and pastas in it really isn't good for you, as 75g of mayonnaise is 115% of your daily total fat intake. See, this doesn't allow room for much tastier foods.


Skinny Drinks

Why not swap your full fat drinks to diet ones? This will start you on the road to being healthier. If you want to go further, you can swap these sugary drinks for water. Which has zero calories in and will hydrate you, so a win win really. This also means that your blood can travel around your body quicker and therefore, stop dizziness and fatigue.


Don’t Feel like You Need to Clear Your Plate

We are used to the portion sizes that we are given as a children. I know that my mother defiantly over feed us. However, I have only just realized this. Meaning that I was making far too much food for my body size and then trying to clear my plate. Because, I was also taught that you shouldn't waste food. It has taken a while but limiting your portions and having healthier snacks throughout the day will prevent you from being hungry and actually feeling satisfied.

These are only a few of many easy ways to cut calories as there are thousands of small methods that you can lead a healthier yet more fulfilling diet. Do you have any methods of your own?

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How are using butter and cutting out salt easy ways to cut calories? The tips are fine, but the title of the article should be something different.

Diet soda is so horrible for you! Stick with water

Thanks good tips

Diet drinks are waaaaaaay worse for you than normal drinks xx

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